Hey there, friend! I’m Emily and here’s a little about me…


I’m a momma of three beautiful girls. It can be pretty hectic with the little ones as they need so much attention. When we eat, I don’t bother sitting down because the kids are constantly asking me to do things like, “more milk please!” or “apple juice in a sippy cup!”. The second child also needs lots of attention as she is still very young. Tantrums are very common. Fighting is constant with the two older ones but I guess that’s normal. The yougest one loves her two older sisters and loves watching them. She seems to be learning things earlier as she gets to watch the older two. She started to crawl earlier and she got her two teeth earlier as well. They sure keep me busy and I love them so much. I’m soo lucky to have them!



I married my high school sweetheart and we have been married for almost 10 years now. Met when we were in grade 9! Long time! We basically grew up together. Him and I have gone through so much together and I couldn’t have picked a better partner to live my life with. We are opposites when it comes to our interests and hobbies, but when it comes to our life goals, we are totally on the same page. He likes gaming, star trek, hangin out with the boys and chillin at home. I tried to get into gaming with him when we were in high school but, I never liked it. I tried though. He’s a simple guy. Doesn’t need to go out to the bar or shop for new clothes all the time which is good. More shopping for me! haha… As for myself, I like getting out of the house. I enjoy exercising particularly bikram yoga. If i could, I would do bikram yoga everyday! I love how it’s mentally and physically challenging. I’m always very concerned about my health and nutrition. I LOVE shopping, decorating and travelling. I also enjoy improving my house and getting organized. Getting organized feels so good! I guess that’s why there are so many blogs about organizing! But wait, my hubby and I do have common interests such as eating out! We love Japanese food! We also enjoy music and singing together.




I’m from Vancouver, BC, Canada! I’ve lived here all my life. Vancouver is known for it’s rainy weather. I love where I live for the great food! So many great restaurants to choose from! The views of the mountains are beautiful here. Our air and water is always so clean and fresh. I love that we live so close to the water and that we are surrounded by nature’s beauty.


I started blogging when I was on mat leave. At the time, my sister in law had been encouraging me to start a blog. I always just laughed and thought, no way! Anyways, on mat leave, you have the time to surf the net late at night. One night when all the kids were asleep, I stumbled upon Abby Lawson’s blog, justagirlandherblog.com. Her journey has been inspirational to say the least. What she has accomplished in such a short time span is just amazing. She was able to build a successful blog and make a six figure income within 2 years! It was just amazing to read her story and she teaches other moms how they can do it too! I was hooked! I took her blogging challenge and I’ve been blogging ever since.

As I read how she started her blog, I came to realize that we had a lot in common. She just started her blog as a hobby. She was terrified when she published her first post. She didn’t want anyone to see it which is exactly how I felt! Having this blog has so many benefits for me. It’s a way to keep me busy and productive. It gets the creative juices going. It’s a way to share my life experiences with other moms out there and it helps to improve my writing skills!

I’m very excited to begin my blogging journey! I hope that the readers of my blog will be entertained and that they will be able to take away something useful. I hope that it will be helpful, that it will encourage growth and self improvement and that it will inspire.


Some of my favorite things? I love watching Adam Sandler movies especially “Just Go With It” and “50 First Dates”. My Favorite Disney movie is “Beauty and the Beast”. My second favorite Disney movie is “Aladdin”. Both of these movies I have watched like a million times as a kid!