4 Great Reasons Why Every Mom Should Practice Yoga

Hey there, friends! Today I have a special blog post for you from a guest writer. Before I got married, I was an avid Yoga practitioner, Bikram Yoga to be exact. I loved practicing Bikram Yoga for its many benefits. It was both mentally and physically challenging. It was a stress reliever. It gave you a sense of accomplishment after every class and man… was it a WORK OUT! No matter how many times you’ve practiced, every single class, you struggle, in a good way! It’s an hour and 30 minutes of pure torture, as the instructor would say! Who would subject themselves to doing extremely difficult poses in a steaming hot room… on purpose! ME!? LOL!

But seriously though, If you’ve never tried Bikram Yoga before, you should! The benefits are amazing! My husband has tried a few Yoga classes and after I have baby no. 4, maybe somehow I will convince him to try the hot yoga. Living in Vancouver, most of the year it’s pretty rainy and cold, so being able to lie down in a hot room can be very relaxing! I just imagine I’m on a beach somewhere enjoying the warm weather.

Yoga has great benefits for us moms! It addresses all of our top mommy problems, like stress, weight gain, anxiety, and lack of energy. Read on to learn the 4 great reasons why every mom should practice yoga.

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If you think buying more storage containers will solve your clutter problem, think again!

Clutter is a common problem amongst us moms. You’ve got the toys, the clothing, and other miscellaneous junk lying around the house that just seems to pile up. Then the kids come along, mess it up and spread it all around the house in which you end up picking up and and putting it back in its place (because no one else will). No matter how much you pick up and tidy up, in a matter of minutes, it’s a big mess again and the cycle continues. Does this sound familiar? Well that’s how it was over at my house until I decided enough is enough and I was going to end clutter once and for all!

Continue reading if you want to know what to consider before buying ANOTHER storage container.

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How To Love Your Bathroom Again: 9 Decorating, Decluttering and Organizing Tips

Let’s face it ladies, we spend tons of time in the bathroom, well at least I know I do! It’s usually the first room that we enter when we wake up and the last room we leave before we go to bed and so therefore, our bathroom should be nice! I really believe that our environment can really affect how we feel. Have you ever heard of the expression, “Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world“? If we are constantly surrounded by mess and clutter, it can make us feel stressed and disorganized which is not a good feeling.

You know what I love most about going to a show house or a hotel? The lack of mess, the lack of clutter and how all the surfaces are pretty much clear. It makes the space look bigger and cleaner. This is the kind of feeling I want to emulate not only in my bathroom, but throughout my whole house. I know it can be difficult, especially with three little kids (soon to be four) running around constantly making a mess, but we have to try.

Just recently I’ve been decluttering the house like crazy, getting rid of old clothes and toys and the things that have just been sitting there unused for months or maybe years! Since my bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house (to me and my husband at least! LOL!) I decided to begin there and to start refreshing it, making it feel even just a tad nicer!

Here is my post on how to love your bathroom again with my 9 decorating, decluttering and organizing tips!

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5 Ways To Save Money On Maternity Clothing

Yes, I’m expecting baby no. 4! I’m half way there and due in September. When we first found out I was in shock myself! We weren’t planning for a fourth baby but here we are, and now that it’s sunk in, I’m actually really excited! Yes, it’s going to be really busy, but hey, we’re already busy so it’s not going to be much difference. (I hope! LOL!)

Anyway, so I’m writing this post because I gave away all my maternity clothes! I got rid of all my maternity dresses, tops and leggings, which means I have to buy all new clothing. If you go to major maternity clothing retailers, you’ll find their clothes are not cheap! They are quite expensive and how can you justify buying an expensive maternity top that you will only wear for less than 6 months!

I’ve found my favourite maternity clothing destination is Old Navy! I’m finding I can find a lot of non maternity clothing that is suitable for the expectant mother at reasonable prices. I also like their maternity selections as they are surprisingly quite comfortable.

Here is my post on how to save money on maternity clothing. 

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8 Ways Your Kids Can Help With The Housework

Hey there, friends! I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time now.

As a busy working mom of three little ones, it can get quite overwhelming managing life and all the housework. If you’ve followed my blog, I’ve talked about housework in previous posts because it’s never ending!

I’m constantly cleaning the kitchen, putting dishes away, wiping counters and tables, picking up toys, cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, folding laundry, and putting away laundry. Just when you thought your were done doing all the laundry, the hampers are full again! OMG!

A  fellow mom of four told me a way to keep up the housework is getting your kids to participate. Yes, they may suck at it at first, but they are part of the family and they need to pitch in and help out. She says that she got her kids cleaning at age 4, helping out with the vacuuming and laundry. At first I was really surprised, like really, can a 4 year old help? But if you don’t want to do it all by yourself all the time, you gotta let other people help you out and eventually, they will get better at it and know that they are expected to help.

Here’s my post on 8 ways your kids can help out with the housework!

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How To Make Reading to All Your Kids Fun, Fast and Painless

Reading to all of my kids has always been a goal of mine, something that I know I should be doing more often. But sometimes, it’s a bit hard when you’ve got a 7 year old, 4 year old and a baby who always wants to tear the book apart or grab it out of my hands. It’s also hard to keep everyone’s attention. My husband recently sent me an article on Flipboard which reminded me of my goal and the headline went something like this, the one thing you can do with your child that will change their life and that one thing is, of course….READING.

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Furniture To Avoid Buying When You Have Little Kids

I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite some time now because I have been so frustrated with my furniture choices and I hope that you guys won’t make the same mistakes as me. I have a 7, 4 and 1  year old and man, do they make a mess. I’m constantly wiping faces, floors, counters and tables. It’s never ending! If I had only made some better decisions about furniture in the past, then cleaning up wouldn’t be so hard… LOL! Also, some of the furniture choices we made aren’t exactly toddler friendly. Read this post on furniture to avoid buying when you have little kids.

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My New FuelBaby Bottle

Note: I was given a free baby bottle courtesy of fuelbaby to write a review on their product!

When it comes to feeding my babies, I do a mix of breastfeeding and bottle feeding. You can read more about my breastfeeding journey here. With my first daughter, I was adamant about exclusively breastfeeding so she never had the bottle.

When my second child came, I wanted to have a bit more freedom, meaning I wanted to be able to have a break and leave for 2-3 hours at a time. If she became hungry before I arrived, my mom or whoever was babysitting would give her a bottle of formula just to tie her over until I got home so she wouldn’t go hungry.

When my third child came, I was pretty busy, taking my older one to school, going on field trips and managing all the stuff at home. I was a lot busier and found it more convenient to give her a bottle if we were out but still breastmilk was still her main source of food.

As you can see, my preferences regarding infant feeding changed as I had more children. I still believe breastmilk is best but if I couldn’t breastfeed for any reason, I was ok with giving formula.

With formula feeding, you obviously need a baby bottle. Read my post to get the inside scoop on this baby bottle by fuel baby that helps busy moms feed their babies on the go.

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How To Have More Energy When You’re A Tired Mom

As a mom, energy is hard to come by sometimes. At the end of your work day, you’re already drained and some how, you have to gather the energy to get through the rest of the evening. You still have to make dinner, do some house chores, help the kids finish their homework and get them ready for bed.

I seem to always feel tired. I just want to stay in bed all warm in my blanket and watch Netflix after a work day. (Hey it’s cold outside. It’s been snowing for the past couple weeks. Can you blame me?) With three little kids running around, I need more energy to get everything done!

In order to combat my lack of energy, here are 9 tips to help you feel like a more energetic mom!

Are you feeling tired, sluggish and lack energy? Read my 9 tips on how to increase your energy when you're a tired mom.

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iPad Usage and Kids. How Much is Too Much?

Oh my goodness! My daughter has the craziest melt downs sometimes and they usually have to do with her iPad. I mean, technology is great, right guys? We have information at our fingertips. Whenever we don’t know the answer to something, we “google” it. We easily and conveniently just search it on our smart phones.

When we forget the name of that particular actor in a certain movie we, “google” it.

When we want to know how to make that favourite dish that we are craving we, “google” it.

When you want to listen to your favourite old school song from Blackstreet or Monica, we quickly “You Tube” it.

We live in an amazing time where technology is just making our lives easier. Like I don’t know how people lived without GPS? I use it almost everyday for work! It’s just awesome!

But of course, there’s a downside!

My kid recently had a melt down when her iPad said low battery and she didn't have her charger. She seemed like she was going to die if she didn't have her charger! i just wanted to take away the iPads completely after that episode. Do I let my kids play on their iPads for too long? How much is too much?

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