A beautiful, rustic themed wedding

It was an honour to be present at Yoshi and Tomiko’s wedding. Everything was perfectly planned, from the venue, to the signage, to the clever little party favours.

The ceremony was held at a historical site located in Richmond, BC called the London Heritage Farm. Although I have lived in Richmond all my life, I discover something new about my own town everyday. This was the first time I have ever been here! The London Heritage farm is a 4 acre historical site that over looks the south arm of the Fraser river. On this site you’ll find an 1890’s farm house and a beautiful park like area with gazebo. This is where the ceremony took place.

When the service began, the wedding party processed from the beautiful white farm house towards the gazebo where the marriage officiant was waiting. The bridesmaids were dressed in pretty, sparkly long formal gowns while the bride was dressed in a beautiful long, white gown with cascading ripples. She was just stunning. Her hair was left down in pretty relaxed waves.

For music they had a trio of string musicians playing modern songs like Bruno Mars’, “I think I Wanna Marry You” and Ed Sheehan’s “Thinking Out Loud”. I loved the modern selection of songs. It was romantic and sweet.

It was such a special ceremony. The officiant did an amazing job as the couple pledged their love for one another. The groom shed some tears as the bride walked down the aisle which touched all the hearts of the guests. We were so happy to be a part of this big milestone in their lives.

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The reception was located at another historical site located in Richmond called the Seine Net Loft at the Britannia Shipyard which was just minutes away from the ceremony site. Again, this is my first time at this venue and it was just perfect for the rustic theme. It was a very relaxed yet, romantic atmosphere, with the strung lights hung above the dining tables. What I loved most about this venue was the beautiful environment surrounding the place. Once the sun went down, you could go out to a large balcony viewing the river to watch the moonlight glimmer on the water. It was just magical to see.

There were so many nice touches to this wedding. There was great attention to detail. I really liked the painted, white wooden planks which they used for the guests to writer a short note instead of a guest book. It wasn’t located at the front door which gave guests more time to write something more meaningful. I also liked that there was a lot of candy! The berry candies were my favourite and they were especially such a treat at the end of the night when you just wanted something to munch on.

The DJ was awesome. He was more like an MC and he played songs that were very appropriate for whatever was happening that moment. It was DJ 2 Scoops. The video and photography was provided by three sixty media. They were able to put together a video of the ceremony and play it at the reception which was really impressive and it was beautifully done.

IMG_8940 IMG_8941 IMG_8943 IMG_8944 IMG_8945 IMG_8946 IMG_8947 IMG_8948 IMG_8950 IMG_8951 IMG_8952 IMG_8953 IMG_8955 IMG_8958 IMG_8959

It was a great night. The guests enjoyed the evening especially with the open bar. It was definitely a night to remember.


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The best advice I’ve ever received as a new blogger

I’m a new blogger and so I’m trying to learn as much as I can to grow my blog. Regardless of whether or not I get page views, I love blogging! To me it’s fun. Remember back in the day when we had asian avenue or apartment 107 page? (We didn’t have Facebook or Instagram in those days!) Lol! I would spend hours and hours, looking at people’s code on their pages and adding it to my page. I even created one page for my hubby on our 4th year dating anniversary! It was so cheesy! Anyway, blogging is awesome and I love learning and a challenging myself. It gives me something to work towards.

So, to learn all I can about blogging, I’ve been reading different blog posts on Pinterest about how to write an awesome post, or the best ways to increase your traffic. I’ve also been subscribing to blogs that I think are cool to study how they do things. What I’ve found is that every blogger has their own opinion on what they think is the best way to grow their blogs. Here are some of the tips that really stuck with me and stood out from the rest.

Passion in= passion out

Basically what this means is that you have to be passionate about what you’re writing. You can tell if someone is excited by the tone in their writing. With some blogs, you forget you’re reading and all you hear is the writer’s voice. I love this about the stuckathomemom. You can totally hear her when you read her posts. When I’m writing and I’m starting to get bored of my own post or the words don’t flow, I just delete it. It’s important to write about something that excites you!! But I actually got the phrase, “passion in=passion out” from Abby’s husband on justagirlandherblog. Great advice!

You actually have to post more often than you think

For me posting twice a week is a challenge. I’ve got three kids and a full time job. I have to manage all the housework, groceries etc. (Yes, you’ve heard me complain about all this before if you’ve been keeping up with my posts.) Abby from Justagirlandherblog used to post three times a week for 2 years. Lots of bloggers say content is king, which is very true but I hear quantity is also very important. I’m going to try to increase the number of posts I put up a week.

Join a blogging group on facebook

I’ve learned this from the livingfornaptime blogger. I love reading this blogger’s posts. She gives lots of tips on how to grow your blog. I’ve joined a couple mommy blogger groups on Facebook and I enjoy reading the other posts. It’s a great way to meet other mom bloggers. Abby from justagirlandherblog says it’s really important when you’re first starting out to make friends with other bloggers in your niche.

Take advantage of special holidays or what’s trending now

I got the most page views on a holiday. I’m not sure if it was the timing of the post or my headline but I got a lot of page views that day. Some people write a piece for mother’s day or father’s day. When pokemon go just came out, bloggers were incorporating pokemon into their posts.

Experiment with social media. Figure out which platforms work best for you. 

Some bloggers swear by Pinterest. Other bloggers say instagram or twitter. With all the advice out there, it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. The stuckathomemom says after every post share it on 4 different social media platforms. She gets 10 000 page views a day so, I’d listen to her advice. Abby at justagirlandherblog says she gets the most views through pinterest. I think whatever works for you, do it.

Write a guest post for a popular blogger

One blogger said, this was the EASIEST way to get more traffic to your blog. However, I’ve been trying to do a guest post for other bloggers and so far no luck. I guess I need to keep on trying. Like I said, I’m a new blogger. If you’re a blogger and you’d like a guest post from me, please do let me know!!!! Lol!

Make your post go VIRAL!

I’m quoting a lot from the stuckathomemom but her advice really stuck with me. She says that one of the reasons she’s so successful is that she had a couple posts go viral and every since then, her page views have been phenomenal. She says all it takes to increase your traffic to your blog is to have a few viral posts and then you will have most of your traffic come from those posts. Me and my hubby are brainstorming ideas for a viral post.

Be different!! Stand out from the rest! Don’t be a copy cat!

Again, this is advice from the stuckathomemom. It’s true. There’s so much competition out there. There’s probably thousands of mom blogs out there. How is my blog going to shine compared to the rest? What can I do differently? What content can I provide that hasn’t been done before? I really do need to take my own advice.

My last piece of advice? Never give up!

I was reading a post that a lot of bloggers give up after the first 6 months due to not seeing any rise in page views. But I know it takes time to grow a blog. It all depends on how much you put into it. It really does take a lot of work to manage and grow a blog. Some people have success after 10 years, some people after 2 years. But I think if you keep doing your research and keep working at it, it will happen as long as you love what you blog about!

Just to review:

  1. passion in=passion out
  2. blog more often than you think
  3. join a blogging group on facebook
  4. take advantage of holidays or what’s trending now
  5. experiment with social media
  6. write a guest post for another blogger
  7. make your post go viral
  8. stand out from the rest
  9. never give up

Leave a comment! Let me know what your best advice is for new bloggers.

I heart your comments!!!!

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Review of River Inn at Seaside, Oregon

We just had to get away after a long and stressful tax season! (Husband is a tax accountant). I told him if he didn’t take a break he would burn out. Even though he “took a week off” he was still answering the phone and taking more work. Although I am super grateful for all the work that’s coming in, we were in desparate need of a family vacation. We decided to take a short road trip to Oregon!

We booked our hotel through booking.com. It was easy to book through this site and I highly recommend it! It just took a few minutes. What I loved about it is that you could cancel your booking without any cancelation fee if you changed your mind as long as you did it before the stated date.

I ended up booking River Inn at Seaside because of the affordable price and the great amenities. It was perfect for a family with young kids!

Amenities included:

1. Pool and hot tub
2. Game room: ping pong, foos ball, and darts board
3. Free DVD rentals
4. Free bike rentals upon request
5. Free breakfast
6. Fire pit
7. Playground

Bonus: It’s located right beside a DAIRY QUEEN!!!

Other things I liked:

  • nice welcome note in the room from staff
  • Keurig coffee machine in each room
  • complimentary yoga mat
  • fridge and microwave in each room
  • the hotel smelled really nice and clean! (this was important to my kids)
  • it’s not the four seasons but you get a lot of bang for your buck!
  • friendly manager! She was awesome!
  • Free taffy in the lobby!
  • located right beside a river
  • great location- walking distance to shops, restaurants and the beach

IMG_7092 IMG_7094 (1) IMG_7097 (1) IMG_7098 (1) IMG_7099 (1) IMG_7102 (1) IMG_7103 (1) IMG_7283 IMG_7289 IMG_7307 IMG_7308 IMG_7309 IMG_7310IMG_7149 IMG_7150 IMG_7156 IMG_7160 IMG_7161 IMG_7162 IMG_7278 IMG_7279 IMG_7282 FullSizeRender


If you are looking for an economical, family friendly hotel at Seaside, Oregon, I highly recommend this hotel!

If there’s another hotel that you recommend, let me know in the comments section!

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4 house plants that will improve the air quality of your home

Now I don’t have a green thumb, but learning the benefits of these air purifying houseplants has inspired me to try taking care of house plants again. Not only are they good for your health, they look really pretty too! I love making my house more beautiful and comfortable though I may not always be good at it.

Most of the plants in my house are artificial. Why? Because they are low maintenance. (You still have to wipe the dust that accumulates on the artificial leaves which I really need to do! hehe). They last forever! You get your money’s worth! But there’s nothing like taking care of real plants. It’s rewarding to watch them grow! Take a look at these four plants that you can get at Home Depot. That’s where I got mine from. My favorite so far is the aloe vera. It looked like it was dying when I first got it and just over a week, it’s been looking a lot better. It’s standing up taller now and looking a lot greener. I’m starting to think that I may be able to take care of plants after all!

After doing some research, I’ve learned about indoor air pollutants. Apparently they are ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health. In a stagnant indoor environment, pollutants build up which means we are breathing in things we shouldn’t. Living or working in places which are not well ventilated lead to headaches, dizziness, nausea, eye, ear and nose irritation.

According to greatest.com “Furnishings, upholstery, synthetic building materials, and cleaning products in homes and offices can emit a variety of toxic compounds, like formaldehyde.” Fortunately, there’s a easy and cheap way to clean the air we breathe indoors and that by surrounding ourselves with these houseplants.

Aloe Vera

This plant is well known for its healing properties but it is also great for clearing the air of pollutants. Brown spots show up on its leaves when the amount of harmful chemicals in the air becomes excessive. It removes the pollutant formaldehyde. Needs well-drained soil with slight drying between watering. Full sun is best.


English Ivy

Ivy is a great plant to have especially in your washroom as it does a great job of absorbing airborne mold and airborne feces. It’s also very easy to take care of. It removes the pollutant formaldehyde.

IMG_6936 (1)

Red Edged Dracaena

This plant is well known for purifying the air of the carcinogen benzene which is found in cigarette smoke and other household chemicals. It is also known for removing formaldehyde, xylene and trichloroethylene from the air. This plant requires very little attention and can tolerate dry soil. Likes indirect sunlight.

IMG_6935 (1)

Ficus/Weeping Fig

This plant is known to remove common airborne toxins and increase oxygen levels. It likes bright light and sun but also tolerates the shade. Water in moderation.


Try these indoor plants to help clean the air in your home or office!

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My first post ever! Hello Blogging World!


Hey there, friend! My name is Emily and I am brand new to the blogging world. I was inspired by Abby Lawson, blogger from justagirlandherblog.com to start my own blog. I am a busy mom of three young girls. The youngest is 9 months old and let me tell you, being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Everyday is a challenge. Whether it’s dealing with three kids crying all at the same time or dealing with all the mess around the house or the endless laundry, it’s never a dull moment. Although it is very stressful and challenging, most would agree that it is the most rewarding experience in one’s life. Currently, I am on maternity leave and somedays you just need to refocus your attention on something worthwhile. Most nights, when the kids are finally all asleep, I have my own alone time! I’m sure you moms out there know what I’m talking about. Many a night, I find myself just surfing the internet, looking for what to buy next. I thought, I need to spend my time wisely doing something productive. Instead of just buying things that I don’t need, like another baggy t-shirt or more shoes to fill my ever-growing shoe collection, I can write a post and share my experiences with other moms and hopefully, help someone. After all, when we help someone, we feel happy. And thus, I created happymomblog.com. We all want to be happy. Whatever we focus on grows and I want to put in my two cents and help other moms to be happy too! Here’s to happy moms! Let’s do this! 🙂

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