5 Cheap And Easy Ways To Wind Down At Home After A Hard Day At Work

Lately, work has been really busy and stressful and so after work, I’m just completely drained. For many working moms like myself, the work doesn’t end after the shift ends. We have dinner to prepare, laundry to wash, kids to tend to and houses to clean. But on the days when I’m just DONE and have no energy to do anything else after work, I do these 5 things that don’t require you to spend too much money or to go out. Here are my 5 cheap and easy ways to wind down at home after a hard day at work.

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Mommy’s relaxing day off- getting my hair done at Salon Era in Richmond, BC

My hair was in desperate need of some TLC!  My roots were showing, my hair colour was uneven, I had split ends, and it was just too long so, I headed down to Salon Era, in Richmond for a hair colour update and hair cut. My experience was awesome from beginning to end. The moment I got there I was greeted by the friendly staff. They offered me something to drink and made sure my cup was always refilled with my favourite, green tea.


The atmosphere is nice and relaxing. They had some cool jams playing in the background and the design is clean, sleek and modern. What I really loved about the place was that they had a loft where clients could have a more private and exclusive experience. Do you ever feel like you are being watched when you are getting your hair done? I do sometimes, to tell you the truth. In the loft, you have the whole area to yourself. You can have your kids sit comfortably on the love seat while they wait for you get your hair done. The loft also has it’s own hair washing station so you can receive all your hair services in that one area. It’s pretty cool. I’ve never seen a salon with that feature before.


My hair colourist, Sebastien, was fantastic. He’s got many years of experience under his belt as he used to work at several different salons including high end salons in Quebec where he had extensive training mastering his craft. At Suki’s he was a senior hair colourist and his clients would come back again and again because he was so good. Sebastien listened to what I wanted and made sure I was satisfied with the result. He is meticulous and pays great attention to detail which is why I always go to him. I can rely on him to make sure my hair colour is done right.


Have you ever had a bad experience with hair colouring? Has it ever came out too orange or brassy? Well, Sebastien is far too familiar with these hair colouring mishaps and knows exactly how to fix it. If you ever need hair colour correction, Sebastien is your guy. He’ll get your hair colour corrected in no time, leaving it feeling healthy and smooth. Trust me, he’s corrected my hair before and I was much happier with my hair afterwards!


For my hair colour, I decided to go with ombre. It’s a hair colouring trend that’s been around for some time and is still very popular. A lot of people attempt to do ombre on their own, but it’s actually quite hard to accomplish doing it yourself. You can pick up ombre hair colouring kits from the drug store and do it yourself, but you end up getting that dip dyed look. With ombre you want that gradual transition to a lighter tone. Sebastien is able to create that look easily. What I like about it is that when your roots grow out, it will still look good because the highlights are brushed in and they blend in with your natural hair colour. As a busy mom, I don’t always have time to get away to get my hair done. With ombre, I don’t need to get my hair colour done every 3 months so for me, ombre was the way to go and it’s something I’ve always wanted to try.


I was very excited to see the result. The colour was perfect, not too light, but not too brown either. It’s that nice ashy, golden colour I was going for. I wanted my colour to be noticeable. I also love curling my hair on occasion and when you curl it, the colours and tones are very visible and beautiful.


What I enjoyed most about the experience was getting my hair washed and getting a scalp massage. It was heavenly, a great way to relax. Getting my hair done is a great way to do nothing. As moms, we need to book time off from our busy schedules to do nothing! If you don’t do this moms, you will burn out! Treat yourself nice! As for salon hair products they only use Shu Uemura which is a high end Japanese product. Apparently, this brand is selective about who carries their products. It’s a very exclusive brand and the ingredients they use are exotic and rare. The best part is, the products smell AMAZING! Your hair will look good and smell good!


Ken took care of my hair cut. When it comes to cutting and styling hair, Ken is your guy. Don’t be deceived by his boyish looks. He’s also got tons of experience and has been involved in many hair styling competitions. He’s passionate and driven and loves owning and running his salon with his team. My cut was pretty simple. I wanted it shoulder length. I didn’t want to lose any volume and I wanted basically a long bob that was slightly longer in the front. Ken listened to my request and delivered and I got exactly what I wanted.

Thanks to the whole Salon Era team for the awesome service and pampering! I so needed it that day! I love my hair and now I’m all ready for Christmas and all the parties! If you need to get your hair done before Christmas, head on down to Salon Era. Just mention happy mom blog and you’ll receive 15% off! Sweet deal!