Daddy and Baby Bonding Ideas

Daddy and Baby Bonding Ideas

Disclosure: I created this post as a paid ambassador with Philips Avent and PTPA. All opinions and advice are my own and I only work with companies I genuinely love.

When we had our son, 2 months ago, we were ecstatic! The gender was a surprise and since we already had three girls, we were convinced it would be a girl again. But we were wrong and couldn’t be happier! Life with a 2 month old and three other kids, is pretty chaotic and to be honest, I’m completely exhausted! Having 4 kids is like a WHOLE different level of busy-ness, if that’s even a word.

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10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids This Halloween

Fun Activities For Kids This Halloween

Fun things to do with your kids this halloween

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Halloween is a great time to do fun activities with the kids to let them know you love them! Now that I have 4 kids, I’m finding it hard to make sure each child has enough attention. The newborn is taking so much of my time, I feel guilty for not spending enough time with the three older kids. I have never been one to feel #momguilt, but now, I guess I am!

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How to Manage Breast Engorgement

how to manage breast engorgement

Disclosure: I created this post as a paid ambassador with Philips Avent and PTPA. All advice and opinions are my own and I only work wth companies I genuinely love.

As you may know from my previous post, my fourth child has finally arrived and I am so relieved and happy that he is here! It was really tough those last few days before I delivered but now I am recovering and I’m slowly starting to feel like myself again.

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Why I Love My Baby K’tan Baby Carrier/Wrap

When I was pregnant with my second child, I was really nervous because I didn’t know how I was going to manage with 2! I thought, what if I had to tend to my older child and my little one was crying? How could I hold the new born baby and still get stuff done?

I had a inexpensive baby carrier for my first child but I didn’t like it because it didn’t have much back support and so I wouldn’t be able to hold my baby for long periods of time in it. Short walks with my inexpensive carrier were not even tolerable.

With that in mind, I wanted to try a different type of carrier, the wrap kind. I’ve seen other moms with baby wraps and it seemed a bit intimidating, with all the long pieces of fabric that you have to wrap round and round. It made me wonder if it was actually safe and secure and worth the money. I didn’t want to spend more than 100 dollars on something that I didn’t like using.

I stopped by a local baby store and they recommended the Baby K’Tan. I have baby no.4 on the way and I plan on using it again. Here’s why I love the Baby K’tan and why I highly recommend it!


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How To Put Together This Super Cute Diaper Clutch

Are you tired of carrying around your purse and your super huge diaper bag? I really like my diaper bag. It’s a Skip Hop Diaper bag meant for twins. I decided to get the large diaper bag because I have two little ones who may need extra clothes etc…but sometimes, I really don’t want to be lugging it around!

I mean the diaper bag is great because it carries everything you need, but sometimes, I know I won’t be going out for a long period of time, and I just need the essentials for a straightforward diaper change.

So if you’d rather just carry everything in one larger bag, then read on how to put together this super cute diaper clutch. I’ve searched online for diaper clutches but they are expensive! I don’t feel like shelling out 40 to 50 bucks (Canadian) on a so-called diaper clutch when you can easily put one together for less than 20, maybe 15 bucks!


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How To Throw A Minecraft Themed Birthday Party

To be honest, I don’t really know much about Minecraft. All I know is, my kids absolutely LOOOOVE this game! To prepare for my daughter’s birthday party, I asked my kids what they liked about Minecraft and quickly did a google search on my phone before buying my party supplies.

I love having themed birthday parties. It’s a lot of work and preparation, but it’s worth it because the kids really appreciate it (I hope!)

If your child loves Minecraft too, read on to learn how to throw a Minecraft themed birthday party!


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How To Make Reading to All Your Kids Fun, Fast and Painless

Reading to all of my kids has always been a goal of mine, something that I know I should be doing more often. But sometimes, it’s a bit hard when you’ve got a 7 year old, 4 year old and a baby who always wants to tear the book apart or grab it out of my hands. It’s also hard to keep everyone’s attention. My husband recently sent me an article on Flipboard which reminded me of my goal and the headline went something like this, the one thing you can do with your child that will change their life and that one thing is, of course….READING.

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My New FuelBaby Bottle

Note: I was given a free baby bottle courtesy of fuelbaby to write a review on their product!

When it comes to feeding my babies, I do a mix of breastfeeding and bottle feeding. You can read more about my breastfeeding journey here. With my first daughter, I was adamant about exclusively breastfeeding so she never had the bottle.

When my second child came, I wanted to have a bit more freedom, meaning I wanted to be able to have a break and leave for 2-3 hours at a time. If she became hungry before I arrived, my mom or whoever was babysitting would give her a bottle of formula just to tie her over until I got home so she wouldn’t go hungry.

When my third child came, I was pretty busy, taking my older one to school, going on field trips and managing all the stuff at home. I was a lot busier and found it more convenient to give her a bottle if we were out but still breastmilk was still her main source of food.

As you can see, my preferences regarding infant feeding changed as I had more children. I still believe breastmilk is best but if I couldn’t breastfeed for any reason, I was ok with giving formula.

With formula feeding, you obviously need a baby bottle. Read my post to get the inside scoop on this baby bottle by fuel baby that helps busy moms feed their babies on the go.

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iPad Usage and Kids. How Much is Too Much?

Oh my goodness! My daughter has the craziest melt downs sometimes and they usually have to do with her iPad. I mean, technology is great, right guys? We have information at our fingertips. Whenever we don’t know the answer to something, we “google” it. We easily and conveniently just search it on our smart phones.

When we forget the name of that particular actor in a certain movie we, “google” it.

When we want to know how to make that favourite dish that we are craving we, “google” it.

When you want to listen to your favourite old school song from Blackstreet or Monica, we quickly “You Tube” it.

We live in an amazing time where technology is just making our lives easier. Like I don’t know how people lived without GPS? I use it almost everyday for work! It’s just awesome!

But of course, there’s a downside!

My kid recently had a melt down when her iPad said low battery and she didn't have her charger. She seemed like she was going to die if she didn't have her charger! i just wanted to take away the iPads completely after that episode. Do I let my kids play on their iPads for too long? How much is too much?

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