7 Must Haves for New Moms

I just love these! These are all the things that I wanted after the baby arrived! #musthaves #baby #moms #newmoms

After you’ve had the baby, you realize there’s a few things that you still need. You’ve got all the essentials like the crib, and baby clothes. And then there’s those “nice to have” items that you realize you really really want. Here’s a list of all the things I really wanted/needed after I had the baby- 7 must haves for new moms! (This post contains affiliate links)

Nursing Cover

If you’ve decided to breastfeed your baby, you’re going to want a nice nursing cover when you’re out and about. I like this one with the strap that goes around the neck. It feels more secure and leaves an air gap to allow for better ventilation because of the rigid neckline. Make sure that you’ll be able to see baby while breastfeeding so you can check that baby is latching properly. And of course baby would like to see you too!

Carseat Canopy Cover

Before you buy a car seat cover, make sure that it will work with the car seat that you have. It has to be able to attach to the handle. I like this one because of the gender neutral design. I LOVE the navy and white stripes! SO CHIC! This will protect your baby from wind, rain and cold. It also provides cover for baby when they are taking a nap. The inner lining is also very soft! This is the type of car seat canopy that I have and it’s awesome!

Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

To read my full review on this baby carrier click here. I just LOVE the baby K’tan baby carrier! When I had my second baby, one of my biggest fears was not being able to look after my older child. I wanted a baby carrier so that I could hold the infant and be hands free to do other things. I found the baby K’tan to be a great option for this purpose. All my kids felt so comfortable in this thing that they would always fall asleep in it, then I could transfer them to the crib. I also took my 6 month old to disneyland and she loved being in this! It’s comfortable for baby and mama! You really should read my full review here!

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Stroller Organizer and Cup Holder

When you’re out at the park with your baby and other children, you’re probably going to want to bring your cell phone, a bottle of water, some snacks and your wallet. But where are you going to put it when you have a child to attend to? You’re not going to want to shove it under the stroller. It’s too low and not very secure there. It could easily fly out. That’s where this stroller organizer comes in handy. It keeps all the stuff you need within reach so you can quickly answer your phone if needed or you can quickly take a pic with your phone when your kid is doing something cool on the playground. This stroller organizer just makes those quick trips with your little one so much easier!!

Diaper Clutch and Portable Changing Station

I just love the idea of the diaper clutch. It helps you get out of the house faster! Sometimes all you need to bring with you is just an extra diaper and a few diaper changing essentials for those quick trips out the door! Skip hop makes super cute diaper clutches. If you don’t want to buy this one, you can make your own diaper clutch like I did! you can check out the post here!

NVIDIA SHIELD TV | Streaming Media Player with Remote

Now this may seem completely unrelated, but it is definitely a must have for ME! After having a baby I tend to stay in the house A LOT! So while you’re at home, you’re going to need some entertainment so you don’t go coo coo from cabin fever. If you haven’t heard of the Nvidia Shiled it’s a streaming media player that allows you to watch YouTube and Netflix and a bunch of other stuff straight from your TV! At my house, we’re constantly watching Power Rangers on Netflix and Sam Smith on YouTube! If you don’t have one, it NEEDS to be on your list because it will provide unlimited entertainment for the WHOLE fam!

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Kindred Bravely Nursing Bra

This is the nursing bra I have and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s perfect for moms who are extra busty. They actually have a size called extra busty! These are DREAM bras because they are so soft and comfy! These bras are budget friendly too so you can grab a few of these! This is the perfect night time nursing bra! Definetly a MUST HAVE on my list!!

And there you have my list of must haves for new moms! I personally have all of this stuff so I’m sure you will love it to! What are your must haves?


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