5 Reasons Why My Tummy Butter Kicks Butt!

After 4 babies, I have a ton of stretch marks. I used to think there was nothing I could do about it, until I discovered this tummy butter! #postpartum #stretchmarks #pregnancy #bellybutter

I’m going to admit that after 4 babies, I have a crap ton of stretch marks! After the first baby, the stretch marks were so upsetting to me. And then came babies 2, 3 and 4. My little blessings, of course! But all those babies did a toll on my belly and skin leaving me with stretch marks galore! I used to believe that there was nothing I could do about all the stretch marks. But then, I discovered this awesome tummy butter! And to be honest…it totally kicks butt! Read on to find out why I absolutely love this stuff!

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We all know that organic is the best way to go! Why? Because it means that there are no harmful chemicals on the ingredients in this product. My tummy butter contains organic cocoa butter, organic tamanu oil, organic sea buckthorn oil, and organic rosehip oil. All these natural oils just sounds so luxurious!


I just LOVE my tummy butter because it has the most amazing smell! It smells like a combination of orange and chocolate! The sent is lush but mild. Perfect for everyday pampering!


Even after baby, my tummy can feel a bit itchy from all those pesky stretch marks. I also have a history of eczema, and so having a tummy butter that is ULTRA moisturizing is super helpful. I like to apply it generously not only to my tummy, but to my hips and thighs. If only I knew about this stuff during pregnancy, it would have helped out sooo much for my itchy belly!

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I tend to have really sensitive skin. Usually when I use creams or moisturizers with a scent, I react to it. But I am NOT allergic to this stuff! It just leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated.


My tummy butter is rich in vitamins A, E and essential fatty acids. What does that all mean? It basically means that your skin will be able to regenerate, making it more firm and supple! No wonder it’s amazing at preventing pregnancy stretch marks!

And there you have my 5 reasons why my tummy butter totally kicks BUTT! Whether you’re pregnant or just had a baby, I honestly recommend this stuff! Click here, to learn more about it!





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