Why I LOVE Skip Hop Diaper Bags!

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Having 4 kids, I’ve gone through MANY diaper bags! When I had my first baby I thought I could get away with just using a small, cross body bag as my diaper bag! And now, that won’t work for me!

I often leave my kids with grandma for the day and what do they need? TONS OF STUFF!

Here’s what I bring in my diaper bag:

  • extra set of clothes for both kids (I usually pack 3 outfits for each kid just in case it gets dirty)
  • plenty of diapers
  • plenty of wipes
  • baby formula
  • a pacifier
  • baby bottle
  • tablet
  • vaseline
  • lotion
  • receiving blanket
  • face cloths

Sometimes it feels like I bring my whole house with me whenever I leave the house! Seriously!

I’ve been using Skip Hop diaper bags for many years now and I love it! Here’s why!


They have plenty of different styles to choose from. If you like plain, they have solid colours. If you like something with a trendy pattern they have that too! Whatever your style, you’ll be able to find a style that suits you. What’s nice about having a neutral colour like black or grey is that mom or dad can feel comfortable carrying it around! The one you see below is a good size for 1 kid in diapers. Click here to check it out on Amazon.


They have pockets on the sides for baby bottles. Pockets in the front for more bottles or sippy cups or random items you end up stuffing in your diaper bag. It has tons of pockets on the outside and inside!

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I really like the backpack diaper bag you see below. It’s super stylish and trendy and it gives you the option to be hands free so you can chase your little toddler around! Click here to check this one out on Amazon
skip hop diaper bag


I hate stuffing my diaper bag under the stroller. As you can see from my list above, I pack a lot of stuff into my diaper bag. If the storage compartment on your stroller is small, you won’t be able to put your diaper bag there. And if you’re out at the mall and you’ve bought a lot of stuff, you want to save that storage for all the stuff you bought.

There’s no need to hang the straps on the handles of your stroller. They have these special clips that easily clip together so you can attach it to your stroller’s handle bar. When you need to take the diaper bag off the stroller, it easily unlatches too. The one you see below is the one I have! Perfect for two kids in diapers! It has tons of space for everything you need! Click here to see it on Amazon

skip hop diaper bag


These bags are well made. They will not tear or break easily! Believe me, I’ve pushed and pulled and dragged my diaper bag all over the place and it’s perfectly fine! Click here to see it on Amazon

skip hop diaper bag

If you’re looking for a diaper bag that will do it ALL, Skip Hop is your best option!

Check out my top picks below! 

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