Daddy and Baby Bonding Ideas

Daddy and Baby Bonding Ideas

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When we had our son, 2 months ago, we were ecstatic! The gender was a surprise and since we already had three girls, we were convinced it would be a girl again. But we were wrong and couldn’t be happier! Life with a 2 month old and three other kids, is pretty chaotic and to be honest, I’m completely exhausted! Having 4 kids is like a WHOLE different level of busy-ness, if that’s even a word.

Although my hubby is super busy with work, he always finds time to bond with baby.

Here are some daddy and baby bonding ideas!

My hubby likes to sing and play piano with baby.

Actually, the whole family loves to sing at the piano. My girls will make a list of all the songs they’re loving right now and my husband will download the sheet music so he can play it on the piano. My baby is so used to the noise in the house! He’s actually more fussy when it’s quiet. It’s always quality bonding time when we all sing our favourite songs together.

Daddy and baby bonding ideas

My hubby likes to put baby on his belly (tummy to tummy) and do TUMMY TIME! 

It’s a double whammy! Daddy gets to bond with baby and baby get’s his exercise. Definitely better than doing tummy time on the bed or on a blanket on the floor. Way more enjoyable for baby and of course daddy.

daddy and baby bonding ideas

My hubby bonds with baby during bottle feeding.

When I’ve gone out of the house and don’t make it in time to feed baby, hubby will give baby a bottle. We like to use the Philips Avent Natural Bottle. But first, let me tell you about this bottle! (It’s just that good, seriously!) With all other bottles, baby gets gassy and can’t latch properly. But with this bottle, we noticed that baby is comfortable with it as the nipple shape is so close to the real thing.

But the best thing is, way less gassiness. The bottle has this special twin valve design so the air goes into the bottle and not into baby’s belly. What’s also great about Philips Avent is that they’ve created this uGrow app to help you keep track of all the feedings. You’ll be able to monitor how long the feeds are and how frequently. It’s especially handy if you need to show it to a health professional. This bottle makes for happy feedings, allowing for better daddy and baby bonding!

daddy and baby bonding ideas

My hubby bonds with baby during diaper changes.

When he changes his diaper he talks to him and tickles his cute little belly. It may not always smell nice but hey… it’s still a great opportunity to bond! LOL!

Do you have any ideas for daddy and baby bonding?



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  1. Awe. my husband loves playing with our girl and I love that he does bedtime. Not very many dads do, but he always puts our girl to sleep.

  2. I feel like Dads always have the hardest time when it comes to bonding with the baby. They usually don’t get time off from work and don’t get those moments early on that moms do.

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