Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

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In a way this blog post is helping ME with my own shopping list this Christmas. As a busy mom of four, I’m probably going to be doing a lot of my Christmas shopping online. Why? Because it’s fast and easy and no need to leave the house! We are so lucky these days! Why head to the busy mall and get into lines ups and fight for parking spots, when you can simply purchase all the Christmas gifts you need right from home?

Christmas Gift Ideas the Whole family will actually love! This is not your average gift guide! They will love this stuff!
Not your average Christmas Gift Guide! Christmas Gift Ideas Your Family Will Actually LOVE!

Here is my Christmas Gift Guide for the Whole Family. I’m using my own family for inspiration! =)

For the Mom who LOVES pyjamas!

Check out this fleece pajama set! It’s super cute and it will keep your mom super warm! Hey, my mom is always cold which is why the heat is always so high at her place! LOL! This will keep her all warm and cozy….exactly the way she likes it!

For the Dad who loves to cook!

Ok…so who doesn’t love bacon????? Bacon is the best, you guys! Well, I guess a vegetarian wouldn’t love bacon. This will keep the bacon nice and flat! Your dad who loves to cook bacon, will definitely be grateful for this gift! Great idea, right???

For the Serious Gamer!

Do you have a gamer in the family, who spends countless hours at their computer? Not exactly the healthiest thing to do, but hey, it makes them happy! At least they can have back support with this awesome gaming chair! And the price is not too bad either. The gamer in your family is going to love this! (Trust me my husband has this and he loves it!)

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For the One Who LOVES Bacon!

Can you tell I love bacon? LOL! This is the perfect gift for them! I just hate all the oil that comes from cooking bacon, but with this appliance the oil just drips down! What a great invention, don’t you think?

For the One Who LOVES to take NAPS!

So you may think that this is expensive for pillows, but TRUST ME, these are the BEST pillows you will ever sleep on! I’ve had these pillows for 9 years and they are AMAZING! These are the exact pillows that you will find at a Hilton Hotel.

For the one who LOVES COFFEE

My mom has one of these and it’s great. It makes one cup of coffee really fast. No need to make a whole pot and waste loads of coffee ground when you can make coffee one cup at a time. The coffee is HOT and it tastes great!

For your niece who LOVES LOL toys

Yea….I don’t know what this is either, but it’s at the top of my daughter’s wish list for Christmas. It seems anything in a SURPIRSE egg is really popular these days. My niece also likes this so…chances are, yours is also going to love it.

For your other niece who LOVES Shimmer and Shine

I have never seen an episode of Shimmer and Shine, but it looks like a super cute show! It’s so hard to keep up with all the kid stuff these days. If you have a 3-6 year old on your list, I’m sure they’re also a Shimmer and Shine fan!

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For the Niece of Nephew who is into SLIME!

My kids and their cousins are SO into slime these days! I blame it on the YouTube videos! One day my whole bathroom was covered in slime! Yes, it’s messy, but they LOVE it!

For the Toddler who wants to be a DOCTOR!

My daughter and her cousin always fight over this toy! They absolutely love it! They love pretending to listen to someones heart beat or pretending to take a temperature! Any toddler would love to have this for Christmas!

For the Cool Uncle

I saw this on Amazon’s Fashions Sales and Deals Page and I love it! These sunglasses are so HIP, perfect for that fashionable uncle (or aunitie). They come in different colours! They’re called Woodies.

For the One Who Loves French Fries!

Yes, I love French Fries and I have one of these. It’s awesome when you want fries without all the oil. With this acti-fry, making French Fries is super easy and fast. The fries turn out crispy and delicious. Perfect for any family with young kids.

For the One who LOVES perfume!

This is an oldie, but a goodie and it smells sooo good. My sister uses it and I love it! What more can I say. If you have a perfume lover in the family, she will really love this scent!

For the kid who loves ROBLOX

My kids absolutely LOVE ROBLOX! If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an online game! If they are a big fan, they will love this toy for sure!

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For the kid who loves MINECRAFT and LEGO

What a perfect combo! My kids love Minecraft and Lego! That kid on your list will be super happy!

For that toddler who loves to JUMP!

My toddler is CONSTANTLY jumping around, doing flips, and doing cartwheels. If your kids is like mine, they’ll love this one. It will tire them OUT which means they’ll have a good sleep! When your kid can sleep, it means mommy can sleep too! Perfect!

For the sister who LOVES to bake

My sister in law loves to bake cupcakes and create beautiful cakes. If you have a baker in the family, she will definitely love this one, a perfect addition to her cake making arsenal.

There you have my list of Christmas Gifts for the whole family! I hope this helps you knock off some of the gifts on your Christmas List! Happy Shopping everyone!



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