Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls: Top 10 Make Up Sets On Amazon

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If you’re stumped trying to figure out what to get that little girl on your shopping list this holiday season, look no further. I have three girls and there’s one thing that they all love and that’s make up! Yes, it freaks me out too just thinking about my little girls wearing makeup, but hey, it’s just for fun. I make sure they wipe it off before going out.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls. Top 10 Makeup sets on Amazon

Stumped on what to get your daughter or niece for Christmas? Check out the top 10 makeup sets on Amazon!

Here’s Amazon’s top 10 for make up sets. Amazon’s got you covered whether it’s for your little 3 year old or 17 year old. My youngest daughter absolutely loves Trolls, and they’ve got a makeup set for that. They’ve got a wide variety of makeup sets that will suit any aspiring makeup artist!

No. 1: Townley Girl Disney Frozen Beauty Kit- $9.99

This is Amazon’s top selling make up kit for girls. I can see why it’s the best seller because it’s Frozen themed and priced right! For 10 bucks it’s super cute and budget friendly! That little girl on your list can pretend she’s at the spa, getting her nails done with sparkly stickers. She’ll love the lip gloss, eyeshadow and lip balm that comes with a cute cosmetic pouch to keep it all together!

No. 2: SHANY Carry All Make Up Train Case with Pro Make Up and Case- $28.73

This make up set is nothing short of awesome as it comes with it’s own reusable aluminum case. That sweet girl on your list is going to have fun carrying this aluminum case around with all her favourite makeup products. This set comes fully loaded with everything a girl needs from blush, to eyeshadow, to lip gloss and all the brushes.

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No. 3: SHANY Carry All Trunk Professional Make Up Kit- $38.91

Next on the top ten list is this SHANY Carry All Trunk. This is the perfect starter kit for any make up enthusiast. Do you have a little dancer on your hands? A performer? This kit has got it ALL! The set includes eye shadows, blush, powders, nail polish, pencils, a sharpener, mirror, and plenty of brushes. The list goes on and on!

No. 4: Beverly Hills Kids Pretend Play Makeup Cosmetic Kit- $10.99

Ok….so you don’t want you’re little 3 year old actually getting into make up. I get it! They don’t know how to put it on anyway, but you still want them to pretend and have fun. This is the perfect thing for that! Let them have the fun with make up without the mess! The polka dot cosmetic pouch is super cute! I love the cupcake!

No. 5: SHANY Glamour Girl Make Up Kit- $11.60

Does that little girl on your list absolutely love eyeshadow? Well this is perfect for her. The eyeshadows are mineral oil based making them highly pigmented. She’ll be able to achieve any look with the wide variety of eyeshadows in this kit. It also comes with 4 different blushes and 6 lip colours. At that price point, you can’t go wrong.

No. 6: BR Deluxe Make Up Palette- $17.88

This set is so cool because of the neat way it opens up like a butterfly. It includes eyeshadow (of course!), a variety of pretty blushes, lipglosses and applicators! It’s no wonder why is an Amazon favourite!

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No. 7: BR Makeup Kit, Glamur Girl Kit- $12.28

I just love the hot pink colour of this fabulous make up kit. It comes with a with tons of highly pigmented eyeshadows, blushes and lipglosses. What’s neat about this one is that it opens from the top and from the front. This is an all in one!

No. 8: BR Makeup Set- $13.66

If you’re not liking hot pink, this elegant black make up set may just be what you’re looking for. I really like the way it fans out so you can see all the different eyeshadows. When you’re done with it, simply close it up into a shell. It’s compact design makes it easy to store.

No. 9: SHANY Cosmetics Natural Fusion Eyeshadow Palette- $14.05

If you like clean and sleek, this make up kit is it. Made in the USA, this kit is used by makeup artists across the nation on runway stages. Your aspiring makeup artist is going to love this one for sure! And for 14 bucks, you can’t go wrong!

No. 10: Townley Girl Dreamworks Trolls Makeup Lip and Nail Set- $7.99

Have you seen Trolls? What an amazing movie! If you have a Trolls fan on your hands, she’s sure to love this one! She’ll be able to do her nails and put on her makeup while watching her favourite movie! It also comes with a Trolls pouch to keep it organized.

That was a list of Amazon’s top 10 best selling make up sets! Hope you found the perfect gift! Happy shopping!

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