How To Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

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Now that it’s fall, we all know that cold and flu season is coming. Once the kids are back in school they are more prone to catching all sorts of nasty viruses.

So far, everyone in our household has been pretty healthy (knock on wood!). No coughs, colds or fevers yet. I’ve been teaching my older kids the importance of proper hand hygiene and proper hand washing techniques so they don’t get sick.

Here are my tips on how to prepare for the cold and flu season so your whole family can stay healthy.

How to prepare for cold and flu season

Tip No. 1- Get the flu shot

See your family doctor or visit your local pharmacy to get the flu shot. According to, getting the flu shot is the most effective way to prevent the flu. The CDC says that everyone 6 months of age or older should get vaccinated annually against the flu.

Tip No. 2- Practice good hand hygiene

My five year old used to wash her hands for just a few seconds and with only water. Now, I’ve taught her to use soap, to really scrub her hands back and front, in-between the fingers and under the nails and for at least 20 seconds. She spends lots of time carefully washing her hands now!

Tip No. 3- Have hand sanitizer handy

I like to have hand sanitizer readily available in all the vehicles. If you’re like us, we tend to eat in the van. Quickly rub your hands with hand sanitizer when water is unavailable to ensure you kill all those bugs before you have something to eat. I also like to have hand sanitizer in my purse or in the diaper bag.

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Tip No. 4- Change those hand towels frequently!

I’ve seen my kids use the hand towel in the bathroom and they tend to wipe their faces on it which means more yucky germs on that towel. Change the towels often and if you want to be really clean, use paper towel instead.

Tip No. 5- Take care of yourself!

Eat a well balanced diet, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and manage stress levels. All these things will keep your body in tip top shape!

Tip No. 6- Disinfect!

Wipe down frequently used/touched surfaces like door knobs, counters, keyboards, chairs, and tables. I like to use disinfectant wipes because of the convenience.

Tip No. 7- Have a reliable thermometer to check for fever!

I like to use my Philips Avent Smart Ear Thermometer to check for fever. I like how easy it is to use by placing it in the ear. It quickly and accurately checks temperature within 2 seconds. The LCD display also turns red when the temperature is greater than 38 degrees celsius which I think is a very clever feature. It also connects with the Philips Avent uGrow app so you can keep track of temperature readings and share the readings with your family doctor. Such a neat feature! My kids always ask to have their temperatures checked now!

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