How Blogging Got Me Through Pregnancy

The last few days of pregnancy were HORRIBLE for me! What made it worse was the fact that I was expecting to have the baby early as all of my other kids came around 38 weeks. The third child came at 39 weeks and so I was hoping and praying that baby no. 4 would come around the same time but boy, was I wrong!

Those last few days of pregnancy were so hard! I was so uncomfortable, in pain, and could barely move! I was miserable! Read my post on how I got through those last few days by working on my blog!

At 39 weeks I couldn’t do anything! I couldn’t cook, couldn’t walk, couldn’t do laundry, couldn’t clean the house. Thank God my mom was staying with us so she can help me run after my energetic 2 year old. I felt so helpless, so hopeless, so useless and it felt like I was going to be pregnant FOREVER. I was just so big and heavy and there was no position that was actually comfortable for me.

Then 40 weeks rolled around and I was just in MISERY!!! My legs were swollen, even my hands were swollen and everything just hurt. The thing that hurt the most was my pelvis because of all the pressure! Basically, all I could do was lay down in bed and rest. Everyone told me to walk to help stimulate labour, but I couldn’t even if I wanted to. It was just too painful and exhausting.

how blogging got me through  my last trimester


The one thing I did have though, was my blog and my MacBook which actually helped me get through those really tough last few days! I think I would have gone crazy if it wasn’t for my blog.

I’m a very productive kind of person (and I don’t mean that in the reproductive sense! LOL!) I’m the type of person who likes to always be accomplishing something. I can’t just sit and do nothing. When I’m at home I’m always cleaning, doing the laundry or some other household task. It feels good to get things done, you know?

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Anyways, so all I could do was lay down so I decided to work on my blog.

I decided, FINALLY, that I’m going to monetize my blog. Why not add some links to some products that I love, such as the baby K’tan baby carrier or my favourite NYX makeup products, so that kept me really busy.

I also worked on creating new blog images, took an e-course called Pinterest Ninja by one of my favourite bloggers, Megan, at

I also signed up for PicMonkey to helped me create those super long pins you see on Pinterest to help up my Pinterest game! I just love the graphic design part of blogging because it’s fun! That also helped kill some time while waiting for baby to come.

I went on Pinterest and turned my account into a business account to get my pins in front of more readers. I updated the covers on my boards to make it easier for my followers to see what each board was about.

It was a lot of fun, designing, picking colours, and creating images. I’ve always enjoyed this kind of stuff since I was a teenager.   Do you guys remember asian avenue or apartment107? I could spend hours working on my page! This is the same thing!

I said to myself, I might as well work on my blog and make the most of my time since I can’t do anything else anyway.

Without my blog, I would have been suffering in misery! It helped distract me so I wasn’t focused on the pain or the heaviness or the discomfort of my swollen legs. It kept me occupied and busy for hours and hours since I couldn’t sleep anyway! It was a real lifesaver!

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