Full Term? 20 Ways to Distract Yourself So You’re Not Waiting Miserably for Baby to Arrive!

When you're full term, time seems to go by so slowly! Check out 20 things you can do to keep yourself busy while waiting for baby to arrive!

Ok. So I am full term and each day feels like the equivalent of three days! I’m just waiting for this little one to make his or her appearance into this world. Today, it feels like baby is just comfy. I’m not experiencing more frequent braxton hicks contractions like baby centre said when someone is 37 weeks pregnant. It definitely feels like baby has “dropped” but nothing else so far.

So, I’m planning to just keep myself distracted so that my mind is not focused on the discomforts, (like the pain in my hips and pelvis and how tired I am) and more focused on small tasks that I can get done before baby arrives. At least by achieving these small tasks I feel productive. The more I just sit and lay down, the more miserable I feel. So without further ado, here are my 20 ways to distract yourself so you’re not miserable while waiting for baby to arrive.

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Here’s a quick list if you’re in a hurry

Last trimester pregnancy tips to make time go by faster so you're not miserableHere’s a quick shopping list if you’re in a hurry:

Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Diapers

Pampers Baby Fresh Baby Wipes

Desitin Baby Diaper Rash Paste

Cottonelle Toilet Paper

Luxurious Bamboo Bedsheets (so soft!)

Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

Nursing Bra

Nursing Nightgown

Graco Highback Turbobooster Car Seat

Graco SnugRide Infant Carseat


No. 1- Stock up on DIAPERS!

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You’ll definitely need diapers once baby arrives. I usually like to buy diapers from Costco (Kirkland brand). The price is good, they fit well on my toddler and they don’t leak. But this time, I just ordered online from Walmart and bought 1 box of newborn diapers and a box of size 1 diapers. I know that I won’t be needing too many newborn diapers as baby will grow out of them pretty quick. At least we won’t have to leave the house to grab a box of diapers once baby is here.

No. 2- Buy diaper changing essentials



I bought a small tub of vaseline and stocked up on baby wipes. Since we will be having two little ones in diapers, wipes are something you can never have too much of. We also often use the wipes to clean up messy faces and dirty hands on our other children. Wipes are just so convenient and handy to have around. We also like buying Kirkland brand baby wipes.

No. 3- Stock up on household essentials

With five people in the house (soon to be 6), we often go through our paper products quite quickly so we’ve stocked up on no. 1, TOILET PAPER! We bought two packages this time instead of one so that we won’t have to head to Costco so soon. We also loaded up on facial tissue and paper towel. This way we’ll be good for at least a couple months!

With another baby, I’m definitely going to be doing TONS more LAUNDRY! So we stocked up on laundry detergent and fabric softener and again, I love Kirkland brand! Their fabric softener actually smells really nice!

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No. 4- Stock up on FROZEN FOOD

If you’re a good cook and enjoy cooking, good for you! But unfortunately for me, I’m not. Once baby is here, I’m going to be pretty tired from sleep deprivation and won’t be able to go to the grocery store frequently to buy fresh food so I’ve stocked up on some of my favourite frozen foods from Costco. (No this is not an ad for Costco but I do buy a lot of stuff from there!) Some quick meals include chicken strips, popcorn chicken, meat lasagna, french fries, frozen veggies, frozen fish, pizza, and chicken pot pie. We also have bought corned beef which we like eating with rice. This way, you’re not tempted to get drive through as often!

No. 5- Have people over for a visit

I’m not saying have tons of people over and have an elaborate party but just have some close family or friends over for some tea or for lunch. Having a chat with a good friend will keep your mind off all of your anxieties and worries and you won’t be thinking about your hip pain, pelvic pain, swollen legs etc etc…. We just had a backyard bbq with some of our loved ones and it was nice. My auntie helped me clean up afterwards because she knew how easily I got tired. It was a really nice get together.

No.6- Declutter

So I’ve said this in previous posts and I’ll say it again. There’s nothing more liberating than getting rid of unwanted stuff! When there’s less stuff in the house, there’s less mess to clean up which will make things way easier for you once baby arrives! I just pile up a bunch of household stuff and clothing into a corner and once I’ve got a substantial pile, I load it into the van and drop it off a Value Village. Your house will feel bigger and you’ll be left with a very satisfying feeling!

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No. 7- Have a few sets of clean bed sheets ready!

For me, I like to nurse my baby in bed, and if you have babies like mine, they like to spit up/throw up A LOT! I remember changing my bedsheets almost daily with my second and third one! So have them ready in your room so you’re not having to make a trip to the linen closet in the middle of the night.

I personally prefer bamboo bedsheets! They feel like silk against your skin! Once we switched to bamboo, we’ve never gone back! Anything else doesn’t feel as good! My husband loves it as well!

No. 8- Stock up on breast pads and nursing bras



If you buy breast pads at your local drug store, you’re probably going to get less for more money. I ordered my breast pads on Walmart and it was a pretty good deal. I also ordered my night time and day time nursing bras from Walmart and Amazon. With three other children, I know getting out of the house won’t be as easy so this way, I’ll be prepared to nurse my little one.

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I was really happy with the nursing bras I bought on Amazon. Good thing I bought them before baby was born. They were super comfortable and I especially needed it towards the end of the pregnancy.

No. 9- Be prepared with nursing clothing

I want nursing at night time to be easy and convenient, so I’ve stocked up on some sleepwear that is super stretchy and easy to nurse in. I’m going to be home a lot for the first month at least so I want to be happy and comfortable in sleep wear that I actually like and feel good in. I just found a bunch of night dresses that I really like at Marshalls at really good prices and it doesn’t have to be for “nursing”. Just look for something stretchy, button down, or with a wrap like/criss cross fabric at the chest.

No. 10- If this isn’t your first baby, WASH EVERYTHING!

a) wash the padding on your old bouncer

b) wash the fitted sheet for the crib mattress

c) wash the mattress protector for the crib mattress

d) disinfect/wipe down the playpen

e) wash the fitted sheet for the playpen

f) wash the padding on the highchair

g) wash the straps on the highchair

h) wash the straps/padding on the infant car seat

i) wash your breastfeeding cover and carseat canopy

No. 11- empty the SD card in your digital camera

With three little kids, emptying the SD card in my camera is last on my to-do list. I haven’t emptied that thing since my last child was born (2 years ago). I finally got hubby to empty the SD card a couple days ago so now it’s fresh and ready to go!

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No. 12- catch up on your photo albums

Pictures are super important to me as you may have read from my last post! I value them so much because our little kids won’t be this little and cute forever so I like to capture these moments forever in pictures! I just uploaded a bunch of my photos to Costco Photo Online and had a bunch of pictures printed and my photo albums are now up to date! Now I can just focus on the photos for the new baby!

No. 13- If this isn’t your first child, figure out the CAR SEAT SITUATION



Since this will be our fourth child, this means that child no 1 and 2 will be sitting in the back which means they will need to be able to buckle themselves. For us getting to the back seat will be a bit hard so we had to get a booster carseat for our third child so she can sit in the back. New baby and the toddler will be sitting in the middle seats. We ended up getting our booster seat from Walmart online for about 50 bucks and it comes with a head rest so if she falls asleep she’s not all slumped over.

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My oldest child has the Graco booster car seat with back rest. It’s so worth it to get the backrest! I originally had just the booster seat without the back rest and my daughter would just slump over when she fell asleep. With the back rest, she remains upright in a comfortable position and her next is supported

No. 14- Start a mom blog!

I love blogging because I love sharing what I’ve learned as a mom with other moms out there! I love watching my blog grow and it keeps me busy and gives me something to work towards. Hey I started this blog when I was on mat leave with my third child!

how to start a mom blog

No. 15- Get your NETFLIX on!

When I’m resting and lying in bed, I like to watch my Netflix. Lately I’ve been watching Jane the Virgin which is so entertaining and has made me cry a few times! I highly recommend it!

No. 16- Go on a date with your partner/spouse

Once baby is here, you won’t be able to go on a date just you two as easily. Get a sitter and enjoy a dinner just you two or catch a movie.

No. 17- Get pampered

Book a day to just take care of yourself and rest. Once baby is here, you’ll be exhausted. Better to be rested so you’re ready for the big day. Book a day to get your nails done or get a massage. Or better yet ask your spouse to give you a massage.

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No. 18- Pack your hospital bag

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No. 19- Get your hair done!

I always like to get a hair cut and colour before baby arrives. This time, I also got a hair treatment done as the pregnancy hormones have left my hair so dry and frizzy. The hair treatment really helped my hair to be more manageable and smoother. Getting my hair coloured once baby is here won’t be so easy. Check out Salon Era in Richmond BC for details on their super awesome hair treatments!

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No. 20- Spend quality time with your older children

Once baby no. 4 is here, I’ll be spending tons of time with new baby. Block off some time to be with your older children and let them know that you will be pretty occupied once new baby is here. Tell them what to expect and do something fun with them (depending on your energy level of course).

Hope this list of 20 ways to distract yourself before baby arrives helps! Good luck to you if you are waiting for baby to arrive just like me! Take care!

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