7 Tips When Shopping For Gender Neutral Baby Items

Don't know the gender of your baby? Here's how to shop for gender neutral baby items!

Since this pregnancy was a pleasant surprise from the beginning, we decided to continue the theme and leave the gender a surprise and I’m actually really glad we did. It’s pretty exciting! Since we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, it gives me a bit of challenge in terms of picking out clothes, bedding, and other items. Since it can be hard to find gender neutral baby things, I’ll let you know exactly what I’ve picked out to take the guess work out of shopping for baby when the gender is a surprise.

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Since this pregnancy wasn’t really planned (God planned it), I had given away all of our baby things! Well, at least most things. Luckily we gave our crib to my sister in law so she had it and gladly gave it back to us as they were not using it anymore anyway. She’s also letting us use her playpen which also helps a lot!

I had given away all the baby bedsheets, sleepers and other baby items and so I basically had to start all over again. A lot of the stuff I had before was old and worn out anyway, so it’s kind of nice to start out fresh again. For example, our old playpen was just so used, we had to throw it out. I mean, we’ve had it for about 7 years and three kids have used it! It had stains from dirty hands, and white marks on it from diaper rash cream. It just wasn’t looking so good anymore.

Anyways, here’s a run down of all the new stuff I got for baby no. 4!

Here’s a quick shopping list if you don’t feel like scrolling through my entire post! Just click on the text!

Grey fitted crib sheet

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gender neutral sleepers

All white new born sleepers

Gerber all white onesies

Grey and white breastfeeding pillow

black and white baby blankets

Rainforest themed baby bath tub

No. 1- Fitted Crib Sheet

I opted for a grey and white fitted crib mattress sheet with a chevron pattern. I got mine from Toys R US. I love it because it’s modern looking and very neutral. I got it in a two pack so it was good value. It has a sateen feel which will feel nice against baby’s skin.

I also found a super cute white fitted crib mattress sheet with black writing on it. I found it at Marshalls! It’s amazing what cute baby things you can find at Marshalls. It was so CUTE I just had to grab it and it was gender neutral as well!

No. 2- Sleepers


For the first few months, my kids live in sleepers. I love sleepers because it’s one piece and it covers the feet. They are soft, easy to put on and comfortable for baby. I love shopping on Walmart online. I was happy to see that their Carter’s brand sleepers were on sale, $5 a sleeper! I thought, SWEET! So I grabbed a bunch of sleepers. I decided to buy sleepers that were meant for boys but could be for either gender, I mean if a girl is wearing blue with a teddy bear on it, it’s fine. Everyone thought that my second child was a boy anyway even though she was always wearing pink. Since I didn’t have too many options, I just bought the same patterns in different sizes. We’re always at home anyways. LOL!

No. 3- New Born Sleepers


I had given away all my new born clothing so I decided to grab a few new born sleepers. Again, I went to Walmart because it’s just so convenient and I grabbed a bunch of all white sleepers. White is obviously very neutral and very cheap too! They zip up which makes changing quick and easy and what’s great is that you can bleach it if you wanted to. I didn’t buy too many, just a few. I thought it would make the perfect going home outfit!

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No. 4- Undershirts/Bodysuits

My mom always insists that the baby wears an undershirt as she says it helps to keep the baby’s diaper in place. I just use my own judgement. If it’s a pretty warm day and the sleeper is thick, then I don’t use an undershirt. If the sleeper seems thin and it’s a colder day, then of course I will use an undershirt. It all depends right? But either way, it’s just nice to have them on hand.

Again, I bought the bodysuits online at buybuybaby.com which is store connected with Bed Bath and Beyond. I bought the all white Gerber brand Onesies and they were 5 for $10 which I thought was a great deal. I bought it in all sizes from 0-3 months to 6-9 months. Just to warn you, the Onesies look incredibly small so you might want to buy the larger sizes.


No. 5- Breastfeeding Pillow


I bought my breastfeeding pillow from Toys R Us. I really liked how the grey and white looked so I decided to buy my breastfeeding pillow in grey and white as well. My breastfeeding pillow was reasonably priced at less than $25. I like to have two breastfeeding pillows since we have a two level home. One for upstairs and one for downstairs.

No. 6- Baby Blanket

Yes, I still have a lot of baby blankets lying around the home, but it’s just nice to have something new for the new baby. I was at Marshalls doing back to school shopping for the older two, and I found this super cute black, white and gold blanket. It’s really warm out now, but in a few months it will be cold and rainy, typical Vancouver weather! When I saw this blanket, I just had to grab it!

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No. 7- Baby Bath Tub

I know some people don’t use a baby bath tub, but for me, it’s a necessity. I opted for a blue Fisher Price baby bath tub with a sling. For me, the newborn sling is an absolute must! I place the bath tub on the bathroom counter and I know my baby is comfy and secure in the sling. You don’t have to worry about baby wiggling around and you won’t be fatigued from holding baby with one hand and cleaning with the other. Of course you have to closely supervise to make sure that baby is safe at all times.

And there you have my 7 tips for shopping for baby when the gender is a surprise. Once baby is here, we can buy cuter clothing! I was just at Carter’s yesterday and they had so many cute outfits for baby! I’m really eager to meet baby no. 4 and I know he or she will be here in no time. =)




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8 thoughts on “7 Tips When Shopping For Gender Neutral Baby Items

  1. This was the perfect read for me today! We just decided not to find out the Gender or baby #2! I’m excited but nervous about the shopping! Haha

    1. It’s kinda fun not knowing the gender! It’s going to be the best surprise ever! Congratulations by the way on baby no. 2!

  2. These are super cute!! Shopping for gender neutral is so hard, I don’t think i could stand the wait! Excited for you to meet your baby!

    1. YEs I’m super excited too! So far baby just seems comfy and doesn’t want to come out just yet!

  3. Oh.my goodness this is perfect! I wish I could’ve read this when my two children were born! I wanted to be surprised by their genders, but my fears of shopping took over lol. Great post!

  4. I’m pregnant with baby #3. Currently 28 weeks. The anxiety of not knowing the gender would bother me so much. We chose to find out. I feel I have to mentally prepare for either gender, get my children prepared for their sibling. While picking out items, we seems to have more gender neutral items anyway. I love white and grey. 🙂 This is a helpful post to those who are thinking about not finding out the gender.

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