2 Ways To Get Defined Brows Using NYX Brow Products

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Hey there, friends! I bet you’ve seen those brow video ads on Facebook of different web influencers demonstrating how they use that famous brow product! You know which one I’m talking about! The one where they try on one brow product and then it just smudges and then they compare it to the other product which is waterproof and doesn’t smudge! Hey, I can’t help but watch it either! I’m just mezmorized by the videos but the bottom line is, brows are all the rage these days! People want big, bold, defined brows.

To be honest, I’m kind of a cheapo when it comes to buying cosmetics. I always believe there’s a cheaper alternative out there that works just as well! Here’s my post on 2 ways to get defined brows using NYX brow products (plus my favourite NYX matte lipstick for everyday that will look good on anyone!)

I love experimenting with drugstore make-up! I’ve been seeing a lot of web influencers using NYX and I thought I’d jump on the band wagon and give the NYX brand a try! I also love having defined brows. I used to just use brow powder but I found it didn’t give me the definition that I was looking for and it didn’t last the whole day!

Remember when it was “in” to have pencil thin brows in the 90’s? I remember I would pencil in my brows and by mid day they would be smudged! Not a good look! Now, we’re seeing brows bigger and bolder than ever!

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I get the defined brow look in two ways using NYX brow products.

Here’s a list of the three NYX products I will be talking about today:

NYX Waterproof Eyebrow Gel in Brunette

NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Ash Brown

NYX Matte Lipstick, Whipped Caviar



The easiest method I found is by using NYX brow gel in brunette. It was a bit tricky to use at first. At first I was applying too much and my brows looked so dark and not natural. It took a bit of practice before I was able to get the look I wanted. At less than 10 bucks for the product, it’s a really good deal! It’s waterproof and smudge proof which is exactly what I’m looking for. Once I got used to applying the product, getting defined brows was actually quite fast and easy.

I just apply it directly to my angled brush and just brush on strokes till I get the desired thickness and definition. I just follow the shape of my brows. My brows look way better when they have just been threaded (today is not one of those days! LOL!)


This method takes a bit more time for me, but it has a different effect. I find using the pencil has a softer look. You can make your brows a bit bigger with this amazing pencil. One side has a brow brush which is great to get all the hairs straightened out and in place prior to applying the product.

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I first outline my brows until I get the desired shape. Once I have outlined my brows, I fill in the sparse areas with brow powder using an angled brush. I like using Benefit’s Brow Zings in medium. 


Usually when I’m in a rush, I use the brow gel because I find it’s quite easy to apply, however I tend to have a thinner brow look.

On days when I have a bit more time, I like using the micro brow pencil to have bigger and bolder brows.

My Favorite NYX Matte Lipstick

My favourite NYX Matte lipstick is Whipped Caviar. It probably looks better with a lip liner but, I don’t have enough patience for lip liner! LOL! I just make sure my lips are moisturized with a tad of Vaseline before applying the lipstick. I like this colour because it looks natural and can be worn everyday.

Well there you have it my fellow mamas! I hope you enjoyed reading my post on how to get defined brows using NYX brow products! I hope it was helpful! Take care!

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    1. Hey sarah! Thanks for the comment! I love threading too! Glad you liked my post!

  1. Great post & review…love how you compared two different styles of products because like you mentioned, you get totally different results with each. Looking good Mama!

  2. I see so much of this topic lately being passed between my Facebook friends, but I don’t know I’ve ever heard of this product mentioned by them – I’ll be sure to tell them to check it out! The lipstick, however, is totally me! I rarely wear it anymore unless it looks natural. I love that color!

    1. Hey Tina! Thanks for your comment! Yea, it’s a very natural colour for sure and you can grab it from any drugstore!

  3. Oh, I never knew or tried these products. But the before and after difference gets so clear and beautiful, that it gives a sense to use it.

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