10 Things You Might Forget To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

When I had my first baby, there were a number of things that I forgot to bring to the hospital! Here's a list of 10 things you might forget!

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So baby no. 4 will soon be arriving and I’m super excited and super anxious at the same time. I’m also in the process of slowly organizing my hospital bag. I have my small carry on luggage opened up and everyday I pack something. I remember with baby no. 1, there was something really important that I should have packed!

Here are ten things that you may forget to include in your hospital bag!

Here’s a list in case you’re in a hurry

Here’s a quick shopping list just in case you want things fresh! It’s always nice to have new stuff!

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR Camera Kit

Apple phone charger

black flip flops

Luxurious all white bath towels

fresh undies for your hubby

Goody hair elastics

EOS mint lip balm

your preference of sanitary pads

No. 1- your camera

Ok, so I know everyone uses their smart phones these days to take pictures because, hey..they take pretty good pictures and it’s easy to share it instantly on social media with all your friends and family. Call me old fashioned, but I still like to take pictures with my DSLR camera. Yea, it’s an old digital camera, the one I bought when I was expecting my first child, but it takes really good quality pictures! Pictures are SOO important to me and so I take pictures with my iPhone and my big camera ( I call it). I have an older version of the one above and it still works great! It’s worth the investment and you can NEVER go wrong with a Canon!

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Just make sure the battery on your camera is fully charged and that there’s space on your memory card. I haven’t transferred the pictures on my memory card for 2 years now! eek! So I’m making sure that my hubby clears my SD card so I’m starting fresh again! =)

No. 2- your phone charger

Self explanatory. You don’t want to see the low battery sign on your phone on the big day. You want to make sure you’re able to text and call all your friends and family when baby arrives!

No. 3- slippers or flip flops


For me, I probably will be walking into the hospital with flip flops because it’s summer but if it were a cold season or raining, I’d probably be walking in with sneakers. Don’t forget to pack cheap flip flops that you don’t mind getting dirty.

No. 4- glasses/contacts/contact lens solution

If you wear contacts regularly and happen to be wearing contacts on the big day, don’t forget to bring your glasses. It’s just one of those things that you might forget to add to your hospital bag when you’re in a rush.

No. 5- a bath towel

When I was in labor last time, baby wanted to take her sweet time to come out. To help relax me my doctor recommended taking a nice hot shower to relax. It’s amazing what a nice hot shower can do! Make sure to bring a nice big bath towel. I love the way my bath towels smell and feel more than the hospital ones for sure! Just a little more comforting and like home.

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No. 6- extra clothes for your birthing partner/spouse


When we had our first child, I remembered to pack everything except for clothes for my hubby! Now I know to pack my hubby some underwear, sleeping clothes and extra shorts to make sure he’s comfortable too!

No. 7- hair ties

If you have long hair, you may not want your hair in the way. Don’t forget to pack extra hair ties. I tied mine around my hair brush so that it’s easy to find. It’s sometimes really hard to find a hair tie when you really need one!

No. 8- vaseline/ lip balm

I find it super uncomfortable and bothersome when my lips are not moist! Don’t forget to bring a small tube of vaseline or your favourite lip balm to the hospital to make sure your lips are nice and moisturized! I mean, you could probably purchase this from the gift shop but why spend when you don’t have to!

No. 9- download a contraction timer app

With baby no. 1, we didn’t have apps! LOL. But now, there’s an app for everything! Download a contraction timer app on your smart phone. With baby no. 3, I was in labor for about 28 hours. I was up all night timing my contractions with my contraction timer app. It made keeping track of the contractions very easy and all of the information was recorded. Pretty sweet.

No. 10- your own sanitary pads

Usually, when I’m discharged after I have baby, I’m still using the pads and mesh panties that the hospital provided. But this time around, I packed my own sanitary pads just in case I would like to use something a bit thinner and lighter.

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Those are the 10 things you may forget to pack in your hospital bag. I’ve been nesting like crazy, cleaning, washing and decluttering everything. I’ve already washed some of the baby clothes twice! If you’re like me and preparing to have baby soon, good luck to you!

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