Why I’m Loving My Cardimom by Multiwear

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What’s great about being a mom blogger, is that you get to meet (virtually) other mom bloggers. I enjoy reading other mom blogs to learn about how other moms live their lives and their thoughts on different mom topics. I recently came across a fellow mom blogger who started her own business and what’s impressive is that she’s created this unique and versatile product that has multiple uses, a must have in every mom’s wardrobe. Read on to learn more about why I’m loving my Cardimom by Multiwear. Maternity clothing every new mom needs.


Apparently, this product can be used in several different ways which is pretty amazing! But in this post, I will name the four ways that I enjoy using this product!


Of course my favourite way to wear this product is as a cardigan! Like I mentioned in my, “how to save money on maternity clothes” post, I absolutely love wearing cardigans when I’m pregnant. Why? Because you can continue to wear your cardigan no matter how big your belly gets. I chose to get it in black because of course, black easily goes with anything. You can wear it over a dress, or with leggings and tank like you see here in my pic. I really like the way the cardigan drapes over the front. Not to mention, it is pretty comfortable, soft and stretchy. It’s also light weight.

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When you’re pregnant, you need something loose and comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing tight fitting tops and dresses when I’m pregnant to showcase my growing belly, but sometimes, you need that loose, comfy top. You can wear it as a relaxed fit poncho, or add a belt around the waist to cinch it up. Either way, it looks great and feels great.


I have many breastfeeding covers in different cute playful patterns and colours. But who needs to pop on a breastfeeding cover when you’re already wearing one? The cardimom is loose and stretchy enough to hold baby under and nurse discreetly. For me when I’m in public, I need to cover up and the cardimom will definitely do the trick which is perfect for me as I will be expecting baby no. 4 very soon!


Ever find your self draping your jacket or a thin blanket over the car seat while you’re strolling around the mall or going for a walk outside? Have you ever put a receiving blanket over the car seat and it just keeps falling off? We’ve all been there and done that, but what’s cool about the cardimom is that if you drape it over the car seat, it will stay put because of the slit down the middle, which also exposes the bar to lift the car seat. The cardimom is also quite breathable.


Washing your cardimom is a cinch. I wash it in cold water and dry it in the delicate cycle. It washes really well and the material doesn’t lose it’s texture or over stretch. I’ve washed it a couple times already and it still looks the same.

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Well there you have it my fellow mamas! Finally a product that multi-tasks just as much as we do. It’s versatile, comfortable and stylish! Wear it anyway you like depending on your mood! Click here to learn more about the cardimom!

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