How To Rock Your Maternity Photoshoot

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Hey friends! Today I have a very special post to share with you! I should have shared it with you all sooner but I’m 34 weeks pregnant and doing ANYTHING is getting much harder! I’m just so heavy and huge that, I’d much rather just sit in my comfy chair with my feet up and watch Netflix if you get what I mean.

My legs are swelling, I’m waddling more than ever, and my fingers are getting numb. I can’t wait to meet my new bundle of joy, but he or she can’t come out just yet (gender will be a surprise!) Hopefully I can meet my new baby in 4 weeks! (keeping my fingers crossed!)

In the mean time, I’d like to share with you my tips on how to rock your maternity photoshoot! Shout out to Alex Bischoff, our photographer, for doing an amazing job!

Tip No. 1- Choose a photographer that you feel comfortable with

If you’re from the Vancouver area, I highly recommend going with Alex! There are so many reasons why he made the photoshoot a positive experience for my family. First off, he was really nice and easy going. He didn’t rush us and made my girls feel really comfortable. Alex has a really awesome personality. He’s always smiling and made us feel at ease! But what I really appreciated the most is that he always made sure my hair looked good. He would tell me if a hair was out of place! =)

You can check out his portfolio here.

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Tip No. 2- Choose an outdoor location with lots of background options

We opted for Garry Point located in Steveston, BC. It’s a great outdoor spot. It’s actually a popular park in my area. There’s lots of shrubbery and trees and we were also able to take pictures by the water. There were also a lot of brightly coloured flowers which looked so pretty in the pictures. On the way to the beach, Alex was able to take of shot of me with the tall grass which I thought was really cool!

Tip No. 3- Scheduling the photoshoot at the right time

First, wait till you’re about 32 weeks to have the photoshoot. You want to make sure that your belly looks nice and round for the photos. Hey, my belly was already huge at 30 weeks so schedule it when you think it’s right! My belly just tends to get really big when I’m pregnant and plus, it’s my 4th time around! =)

Secondly, make sure the weather is just right. We like to have our photos taken outdoors because the lighting is better. My photographer actually preferred an overcast day. I kept on messaging him that day because it looked like it was going to rain, but he said not to worry. The weather ended up being perfect! We also scheduled the photoshoot in the evening when the sun was going down for two reasons. No.1- it wouldn’t be too hot and No. 2- the lighting is better when the sun is just coming down.

Tip No. 4- Make sure that everyone’s outfits are coordinated

I opted for two main colours, blue and pink. My husband was wearing a blue blazer and jeans and I was wearing a rosey pink dress. I prefer body con dresses to highlight the round belly. And then my kids wore blue and pink, plaid cotton dresses from H&M, which was awesome because they were only 6 bucks each! I spent less than 20 bucks for all of the them!

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It’s funny because when I was buying the dresses, the cashier was like, “Not sure of the size you want to buy?” and I said, “Nope, I just have 3 daughters which is why I need three different sizes!” LOL!

Also, try to wear things that are simple, with no logos or complicated patterns so as to not draw attention away from the main attraction…YOU!

I really liked the way our outfits complemented each other! And my kids were comfortable in their soft cotton dresses for the whole photoshoot!

Tip No.5- Have an idea of what kind of shots you want to take

Before the photoshoot, I told Alex that it was really important for me to have headshots of the girls and a family photo, so at the beginning of the shoot, he made sure we got those done first.

I was extremely happy with our family photo and of the photos of the girls…memories that will be cherished FOREVER!

He also had ideas for different poses which I thought was really cool too!

Tip No. 6- Have a baby? Bring the diaper bag and strollerĀ on the shoot!

While you’re walking around for the photoshoot, push baby around in the stroller and bring the diaper bag!!!! Although we changed the baby’s diaper right before the shoot, she went no. 2 mid shoot! Luckily we had the diaper bag and we were able to do a quick diaper change! Prepare to be walking around outside for a couple hours! Without the stroller, we would have been exhausted!

Tip No. 7- Rest up for the shoot

I know it sounds funny, but the photoshoot can really drain you! Don’t book anything else that day. Make sure you are well rested and have plenty of time to get ready for the shoot. Make sure all the kids are rested and have their naps prior to the shoot. The last thing you want are grumpy, tired, whinny kids on the day of your shoot.

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Bonus Beauty Tip: Wear false lashes!

I love the way my eyes look in pictures when I wear false lashes! It takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really not that hard! I honestly LOVE the false lashes from Forever 21! Seriously! They work really well and stay put all day and they’re really cheap! I use eyelash glue brand Quo from Shoppers Drug Mart (for you Canadian ladies!). If you’ve never put on false lashes before, watch a video tutorial on YouTube! That’s how I learned! LOL!

And those were my 8 tips on how to rock your maternity photoshoot! I was so pleased with the way my photos turned out! I will definitely be enlarging, printing and framing these ones for sure! Such a great investment! Take care, guys!


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  1. I will definitely be coming back to this if we get to see the little pink plus sign one more time, wish I would’ve gotten maternity pictures done with my pregnancies but I still have some cute ones I cherish. Beautiful family, you are so blessed!

  2. Great tips! And you look stunning! How special to have those beautiful photos of a special time in your family’s life.

    1. Thanks so much, Maranda! You can still take great shots of you and your family which is just as fun and memorable!

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