How To Throw A Minecraft Themed Birthday Party

To be honest, I don’t really know much about Minecraft. All I know is, my kids absolutely LOOOOVE this game! To prepare for my daughter’s birthday party, I asked my kids what they liked about Minecraft and quickly did a google search on my phone before buying my party supplies.

I love having themed birthday parties. It’s a lot of work and preparation, but it’s worth it because the kids really appreciate it (I hope!)

If your child loves Minecraft too, read on to learn how to throw a Minecraft themed birthday party!


STEP ONE: Party colours

Opt for different shades of green. Choose a light green and a darker green. Brown also looks cool for a Minecraft theme. I simply hung the balloons with gift wrap ribbon. Actually, my sister was the one who hung all the balloons. I’m too pregnant! LOL!

I also opted for light green table covers. All of these were purchased at my local dollar store. Of course nothing at a dollar store is a dollar anymore! LOL!

I decided to add some blue in the mix just to add some variety.


Here’s a tip. When purchasing balloons, make sure to read the label and not just go by what it looks like! I was about to buy what I thought was dark green balloons but actually they were a deep violet! Sometimes balloons look different when they are not inflated! Luckily the cashier read the label out loud just as he was about to ring in my order. So I was able to switch it to dark brown!

STEP TWO: Minecraft Activities/Games

I didn’t have that much time to come up with elaborate Minecraft games so I used whatever was easy to find. Here are three activities to keep the kids at your party busy, happy and entertained!

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Activity No. 1- Make your own creeper face!

All you will need are the following:

  1. medium sized, green gift bags that should fit over the kids heads
  2. I used black felt and pre-cut pieces to make the face
  3. fabric glue

I had a small table/station for the supplies and the kids glued it together and it made great pictures! Some of the younger kids were not familiar with Minecraft and so not everyone was interested. But it was a great option for the kids who didn’t feel like playing on the water slide/bouncy castle. They had a blast playing on this bouncy castle/water slide! We were so lucky because it was one of the hottest days we’ve had so far and it was overcast so it was perfect weather! Thanks to our friend, Kevin, for letting us borrow it!

Activity No.2- Shoot the creeper!

This was the most popular station out of the three. The bow and arrow I bought from the dollar store worked quite well to my surprise. It was less than 3 bucks for a bow and 3 arrows. I covered 2L pop bottles with a creeper print out and the kids had a great time shooting them. I tried shooting the creeper and I wasn’t so good, but my nieces and nephews got the hang of it quite quickly.

Activity No. 3- Tattoo station

At first I wanted face painting, but with the limited time I had, I didn’t know where to find face paint crayons. They always have tattoos at the dollar store so I opted for that instead. At least the kids could apply it themselves and it doesn’t require much to get it on. We just made sure the tattoos were pre-cut and then we had another small container with a little bit of water and clean sponge. This was the second favourite station as the kids could apply the tattoos themselves.

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Step 3: Birthday banner/backdrop

Again, I didn’t have a lot of time to come up with a really fancy Minecraft banner. Instead, I decided to just print out a bunch of Minecraft images from my google search and arranged them on a green table cover which I used to cover the wall. It turned out all right. At least it would be clear to my guests what the actual theme was! My original idea was to have the kids pose in front of this backdrop with their creeper masks and Minecraft swords, but the kids were having too much fun outside playing with the water. Hey, as long as the kids were having fun, that’s all that mattered to me! =)

Step No. 4: Instantly make your cake a Minecraft cake

I simply printed out some Minecraft images, glued it to card stock and taped it to a bbq stick. I just wanted to have something Minecraft theme on the cake. We got our two cakes from Marble Slab! Ever since they took away our Dairy Queen we’ve been going to Marble Slab instead and now we are hooked! We can’t get enough Marble Slab. It was my daughter’s favourite!

Step No.5: Party favours- turn a bubble wand into a Minecraft sword

I’m really happy with the way my party favours turned out. The bubble wands were about 1.25 to 1.50 each. I printed out a picture of a Minecraft sword, glued it to card stock and taped it to the bubble wand. I also printed small labels with a little thank you note and tied it to the bottom of the bubble wand. The kids had fun playing with these without having to use the bubbles. My toddler enjoyed ripping the paper sword off the bubble wand! LOL!

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The party was a huge success thanks to all the grandparents for cooking the amazing food. I only had that weekend to do all the decorations, party favours and games, and luckily I made it in time! The kids had a blast and everyone enjoyed!

Hope I was able to give you some easy to follow ideas on how to throw a Minecraft themed birthday party!


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    1. Yes it was a great party! We all had tons of fun! I’m so happy with the way it turned out!

  1. This party look like so much fun. I literally know nothing about Minecraft since my kids are so young. But I have a feeling I will have to learn about it soon.

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