How To Put Together This Super Cute Diaper Clutch


Are you tired of carrying around your purse and your super huge diaper bag? I really like my diaper bag. It’s a Skip Hop Diaper bag meant for twins. I decided to get the large diaper bag because I have two little ones who may need extra clothes etc…but sometimes, I really don’t want to be lugging it around!

I mean the diaper bag is great because it carries everything you need, but sometimes, I know I won’t be going out for a long period of time, and I just need the essentials for a straightforward diaper change.

So if you’d rather just carry everything in one larger bag, then read on how to put together this super cute diaper clutch. I’ve searched online for diaper clutches but they are expensive! I don’t feel like shelling out 40 to 50 bucks (Canadian) on a so-called diaper clutch when you can easily put one together for less than 20, maybe 15 bucks!

Step No. 1- Find a large cosmetic bag that you can use to store all your diaper changing essentials

I went to Winners to find my cosmetic bag. Winners is Canada’s version of TJ Max or Ross in the states. I found my cosmetic bag for about 16 bucks and I really like it. It has a really trendy, chic design on one side and then it’s transparent on the other side so you know what you have inside and if you need to replenish.

Step No. 2- Put together your diaper changing essentials

You’ll need the following:

  1. A couple diapers (duh! LOL!) I like to put in 2-3 diapers.
  2. A tube of vaseline/or diaper rash cream (preferable travel size so it’s light)
  3. optional- hand sanitizer, also travel size, just in case you’re not near a sink
  4. a plastic re-sealable bag of baby wipes. I would put in 8-10 wipes.
  5. a receiving blanket to lay baby down on it
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Step No. 3- Insert all of your diaper changing essentials in your diaper clutch

Once you’ve done that, your diaper clutch is ready to go! I really like it because everything you need is all in one small little pouch. The pouch can fit easily in your large mom tote. I have a large black Tory Burch Tote that I LOVE! I use it as my work bag and when I’m out and about with my kids, it’s large enough to fit my wallet, keys, cell phone, a water bottle and my diaper clutch.

This way, I’m not lugging around two bags all the time. If I need extra clothes, I can leave a stash in the van, but usually I don’t have to change the kids clothes unless they have an accident or something.

Here’s another tip. You can also use the paper towel in he bathroom for baby to lay down on if you don’t have a diaper changing pad or a receiving blanket.

And that’s how you put together your very own diaper clutch without having to shell out 40 to 50 bucks. It’s nice because it light and easy to carry around. Everything you need is in one little pouch. It will make being a momma a tad easier! Hope you enjoyed reading my post!

Don’t feel like doing it yourself? No prob! Here are some great options on Amazon!



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  1. What a great idea!! I never would have thought about transforming a cosmetic bag into a diaper bag clutch…I know what I will be doing this week 😁

    1. Thanks! There’s tons of cute large cosmetic bags that would work nicely as a diaper clutch!

  2. Such a cool idea , I actually could have never thought of making a diaper clutch;). And had also never imagined that Diaper bags can be that stylish! Good one.

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