How I Plan To Be A Better Mom

Now that my kids are getting older, (well not that old, but old enough that they have homework and have to wake up early), I’m finding I’m having to remind them more of what they SHOULD be doing. I’m constantly nagging them to DO their homework, to wash up, take a shower, brush their teeth, brush their hair, stop playing on their iPad, to go to bed, and go to sleep! I’m constantly reminding them, day after day after day.

I’m trying to teach them about responsibility, about taking initiative, to do things without being told! OMG! It drives me insane that I have to remind them to do the same things everyday! Why can’t they just do what they are supposed to do?! I guess that’s why we call them kids!

But when I’m constantly reminding them, I end up getting frustrated and end up shouting at them which I really don’t like! I get upset at them and then they dislike me for it. But they don’t listen! My husband says I need to be more firm with them and lay down the law. I’ve tried the Mr. Nice Guy approach and it doesn’t work! I don’t want to ruin my relationship with my kids.

Having said that, there’s a lot of things that I can do better as a mom. I mean hey, no one is perfect, but there’s always room for improvement. Read my post on how the things I’m going to STOP doing to be a better mom.

#1 I’m going to stop shouting at my kids

There must be a way for me to be firm without resorting to shouting. My kids can really push my buttons when they ignore me, disobey me or give me attitude. I can’t let them get away with the attitude. At the same time, how can I expect them to show me respect if I don’t show respect first. It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m going to try to be a good example and be firm without raising my voice.

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#2 I’m going to STOP using my phone when my kids are around me. (Or at least use it less!)

This is so hard! Yes, I’m a mom blogger which means I have to check my email. I have to check my stats. I have to check my social media accounts. I have to edit my images. I have to read comments and respond to them. All of these tasks involve the use of my phone and when I’m on my phone, I pay less attention to my kids. Many of us these days are glued to our phones. It’s a guilty pleasure. Putting the phone down is such a hard thing to do because we use our phones in so many ways! It’s our alarm, it’s how we shop, it’s how we stay up to date with current events and it’s how we check the weather. The list goes on and on. But if I want to be there for my kids, I should put the phone down.

#3 I’m going to STOP skipping out on bedtime routine

This is a little thing that actually may mean a lot to my kids. Before they go to sleep, I want to leave them with happy feelings. I want to leave them with the feeling their mom loves them and cares for them. Usually, I go to their room and tell them to stop playing around and go to sleep in a firm manner. I don’t want them to be upset with me before they drift off to sleep.

#4 I’m going to STOP getting take out and make dinner at home

Sometimes, it’s unavoidable and you have to get drive through (for me at least). Some days we are just too hungry and tired to buys groceries and make a home cooked meal. We would rather eat and not be hungry or rather, hangry and hypoglycaemic. But sometimes I feel bad that my kids are eating fast food, which is not ideal, not the most nutritious or healthy. Anyways, it’s cheaper to eat and home and the girls actually eat! We eat within the comfort of our own home where the kids can just eat as they please without us having to worry about making a mess, spilling things or breaking things.

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#5 I’m going to STOP forgetting to play with my kids

Usually the extent of my conversations with my children goes like this, “How was your day? What did you do at school? Did you have a good day? What did you learn?” And then my kids says, “it was good…” failing to elaborate on all the details.

Instead, I’m going to try and have better conversations with my kids, ask better questions and really get to know what they are into and how they are doing.

My kids really love playing Mine Craft and Roblox. I could try to play these games with them and see what they like to do. It could help us have a better bond.

Are there some things that’s you wish you wouldn’t do as a mom? If so, what would you change and how?

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6 thoughts on “How I Plan To Be A Better Mom

  1. Yes yes to everything you’ve written here! I’ve been especially lacking in the daily conversations and nagging! I have to CONSTANTLY nag at my oldest for him to do anything….I have been wanting to just let him figure it out on his own without needing me lol I’m totally taking notes here from you! ❤️

    1. Hi Corinne! Yes when I was a kid, my parents didn’t remind me to do very much so if I forgot something then I learned from it. Maybe nagging is not the answer! Lol. Maybe we just have to let them figure it out like you say! 😂

  2. These are amazing things to do. I admit all of them are my current list of things to do to be a better mom. I struggle with making them a reality. I’m not sure how it gets lost in translation, but it does.

  3. This is such a great list. I have to remind myself my son is just 8 and a hyper child. It has saved me a lot times yelling, but then I do forget and realize later I need to let it.

  4. I love this!!! As someone who is new to the blogging world I have found myself on my phone way to much when my son is around. Due to my S.O. starting a business we are also in a funky living situation which has thrown off my routine. So, now I am trying to get back on track to being a better mom again. Love your outlook and thankful to know that we all fall off from time to time!

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