6 Things That I’ve Changed to Make My Mom Life Easier

Now that I have three kids, (with one on the way) life can get a bit hectic. Life is like a continuous juggling act trying to keep all the balls in the air. It’s also been a crazy learning experience. With all the challenges that come my way, whether it’s dealing with the housework (which is a major one for me), keeping up with the kids’ activities, or getting all the errands done, I’m always trying to find ways to make things better. I’m always trying to find ways to make things easier and less stressful and more simplified. In order to accomplish this, I’ve had to make changes in my life. Some changes were harder than others, but I was glad I did it. Read on to learn the 6 things I’ve changed in my life to make my mom life easier.


You don’t understand how this one tip has made my life soooo much easier! I wish I did it sooner. The more stuff your have, the more you have to tidy it up, organize it, pick it up and put it away. Ever since I decluttered and got rid of all my old junk, toys, and unused and unloved items, cleaning up has been so much easier and faster. We have way more space and the girls are actually playing with the toys they love and now they have more space for them.

For example, I decluttered one of the shelving units I was using to store the toys and now the girls use it as a doll house for their Shopkin dolls! They turned each cubicle into a different “bedroom” for their dolls! I thought it was so cute and a great use for that shelving unit!


For me, I can’t handle working full time and having three kids! For some moms, they can do it, but for me, I just can’t! It’s just too stressful, too tiring, and then I don’t have enough energy to take care of the stuff at home and then there’s not enough time to spend with the kids, which is why I decided to change my work situation. Wth my previous schedule, my shifts were all over the place. As a vacation relief, my shifts could be changing anytime, making it hard to plan my life around it, which was kinda distressing. And with my previous schedule, I was working evenings and weekends which I didn’t really like because, I want to be off when my kids are off. So, I decided to get a different position at my office which was part time, working three weekdays and then working casually in a different position so I have the option to work full time hours if I want. And if I want to work less for whatever reason, I could.

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I’m so glad I made this change. It was a bit stressful at first because change is not always easy and it was a new position that I had to learn. Now that I’ve eased into the position, still learning of course, I have more control and I’m off when I want to be off while still being able to work as much as I want. I love that I have control over that.

Bottom line, figure out how much you want to work. Talk to your manager and see if there’s anything you can do about your work schedule. Is there anyway to make it more flexible?


Ok, so you’re wondering what I mean by this. So for me, I can’t iron! I’ve tried and I’m completely horrible at it. It takes so much time for me to iron one dress shirt and it’s not even completely wrinkle free which is so frustrating! It takes me hours to finish all the shirts, it makes me tired and it’s not even done to my satisfaction. Knowing that I completely suck at ironing, I now just wash the dress shirts and then I take it to the dry cleaners for pressing, which is really not that much considering how much time it saves me! It also saves my sanity!

If cleaning is not your forte and there’s room in the budget, consider hiring a housekeeper. If cutting the grass is not your forte, and there’s room in the budget, consider hiring a lawn care company.

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Before, dinner time had to be just the way I wanted. We all had to sit down and eat together at the same time. We had to have a three course meal. With three kids, 7, 4 and a baby, it’s hard to get everyone seated and situated and listening. Now, I don’t make too much fuss about dinner. As long as the kids are fed and nourished, that is my goal. They don’t even eat that much because they get full really easily. They don’t always have to have all the four food groups and they don’t all have to eat at the same time. If one kid wants to eat first and the other one is not hungry, fine, no problem, that’s ok with me. Feeding them one at a time is less stressful and is more manageable. This system may not always jive with every family, but hey, it works for me and makes my mom life a tad easier.


Before, I used to try and get all my laundry done in one or two days which would be really stressful and tiring. With 3 kids and a husband who changes his socks like 5 times a day, there’s a ton of laundry! Laundry is a never ending process. You have to bring the laundry to the machine, sort it, wash and dry it, unload it, fold it and then put it back in all the drawers. It’s a long process if you ask me. So now, I give myself sufficient time to do the laundry. I wash laundry for a couple days, then I fold laundry for a couple days, then I put all the laundry away. I give myself about 4 days to complete the whole process and I feel this way it’s more manageable.

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Bottom line, avoid giving yourself unrealistic timelines to complete tasks.


Let me explain, I mean you can’t do everything all the time. It would be too much and you wouldn’t have time to do things that you love. But if you have the time, and it’s right in front of you and it literarily takes seconds to complete, do it. Get it over with, Cross it off your list. Sign that permission slip, make that doctor’s appointment, order that birthday present, put that item away, clean up that spill, wipe up that dust, put that toy away, put the shoes away. If you can do things little by little over time, then you are not stuck with lots of little things to do. Getting stuff done feels good! 

Well there you have it my fellow mamas. Try my 6 tips on how to make your mom life just a tad easier. Is there anything you’ve changed recently to make your mom life easier?


7 thoughts on “6 Things That I’ve Changed to Make My Mom Life Easier

  1. That’s so correct, Dinner time or rather most of the tasks – Need not be perfect! That’s completely okay to have not-so-perfect but have a calm & easy life for ourselves!

  2. These are great tips! I’ve been trying to make sure I do things as I see them instead of waiting to clean house. I am all for outsourcing anything I can!

  3. Your tips make so much sense! I’ve heard the saying “If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it right away.” I find that when I follow this, it’s done before I know it. When I don’t follow this…I’ll dread doing something for weeks! It takes up so much mental space.

    I struggle with outsourcing. We could technically find the money to outsource lawn care and housekeeping, but it would feel like I’m taking away from my son’s college fund, which is an important financial goal for us.

    Great tips! I love your outlook (positive but realistic).

    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks so much for your comment! You’re right. When you don’t do things right away it does take up mental space!

      Outsourcing is also hard for me too! I’m trying to decide whether I should start outsourcing some housekeeping stuff! When I try to do it all, I just end up getting sick!

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