5 Ways To Save Money On Maternity Clothing

Yes, I’m expecting baby no. 4! I’m half way there and due in September. When we first found out I was in shock myself! We weren’t planning for a fourth baby but here we are, and now that it’s sunk in, I’m actually really excited! Yes, it’s going to be really busy, but hey, we’re already busy so it’s not going to be much difference. (I hope! LOL!)

Anyway, so I’m writing this post because I gave away all my maternity clothes! I got rid of all my maternity dresses, tops and leggings, which means I have to buy all new clothing. If you go to major maternity clothing retailers, you’ll find their clothes are not cheap! They are quite expensive and how can you justify buying an expensive maternity top that you will only wear for less than 6 months!

I’ve found my favourite maternity clothing destination is Old Navy! I’m finding I can find a lot of non maternity clothing that is suitable for the expectant mother at reasonable prices. I also like their maternity selections as they are surprisingly quite comfortable.

Here is my post on how to save money on maternity clothing. 

Tip No. 1: Buy long, aka tunic length tops

I found they have this type of tunic length tank top at Old Navy in a variety of colours. I mean you can buy the maternity version which is also nice because it has the ruching at the sides but instead, you can go for the non maternity version which is half the price and works just as well. You can also wear it after you’re pregnant so it’s a good option.

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I also found long tunic length tops at Urban Planet for really cheap. I found them in a dark maroon and dark grey and I wear them quite often for work. Just keep an eye out for tunic length and you should be able to find a variety of tops.

Tip No. 2: You can buy “body con” dresses

This is one of the reasons why I love being pregnant, because you can wear tight fitting clothing. If you are already slim to begin with, this is not an issue for you but when I’m not pregnant, there’s no way I can get away with wearing body con, tight fitting clothing. I’m more of a relaxed fit type of gal. I’ve found a lot of midi length, body con dresses at Forever 21 for around $20 so you can justify buying it even though you will only wear it for 5-6 months. I like midi length so you don’t have to worry about the dress being too short as your belly grows!

Just make sure that when you are shopping for body con, that the fabric is super stretchy. If you are shopping online, it’s difficult to tell how stretchy the fabric is. Feel the fabric and ensure it is stretchable and try it on first. Also make sure the dress fits your bust properly as some dresses don’t give enough room up top.

Tip No. 3: Break out your cardigans

You can buy as many cardigans as you like because you can wear them even after you’re pregnant. They look nice over tunic length tank tops and you’ll be able to wear them throughout your entire pregnancy. I love wearing my flowy, waterfall like cardigans over dresses or with leggings.

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Tip No. 4: Maternity leggings are your best friend

For me, I have at least 7 pairs of maternity leggings. I wear them pretty much every day because they are comfortable and you can also wear them with everything. Also, at 15 bucks a pair, it’s not a bad price. For me, being comfortable is very important. I have the leggings in black, navy and grey and I pair them with long sweaters or with tanks and cardigans. My favourite maternity leggings are from H&M.

Tip No. 5: You can save a lot when you shop at Old Navy

I really like Old Navy because they have a lot of basics that you can wear everyday! They also have coupons that you can use on your next purchase. If an item you purchased goes on sale, you can go back and get the price difference so always be on the look out so you an get some money back. I have a coupon for spend 75 and get 30 bucks back. Not bad at all. I just bought two pairs of maternity jeans and I must say, they are the most comfortable maternity jeans I have ever bought. They are super stretchy and stay in place meaning I’m not constantly pulling them up. (I got tired of wearing leggings all day every day. I needed some variety).

If the weather was nice enough, I would be in dresses everyday because they’re comfortable and easy to wear. But living in Vancouver, it’s always rainy and not always warm so I do need to wear pants on most days. I’m really looking forward to more warm weather this spring!

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For over pieces for spring, I like to wear jean jackets and leather jackets over my dresses and tank tops. For summer I like to wear my denim vest over my maxi dresses.

By following my 5 tips, you’ll be able to be fashionable and comfortable without having to spend a ton of money on actual maternity wear. You’ll see there’s lots of options out there that just work as well.

Do you have any tips on buying cheap maternity clothing?

4 thoughts on “5 Ways To Save Money On Maternity Clothing

  1. Love these tips! I just bought a bodycon dress and I’m so excited to wear it. Like you I’ll only wear it during pregnancy…when my belly is all tight and firm lol! I almost never buy “maternity” clothes because there are so many cute clothes out there that can work for both pregnancy and post pregnancy. I did invest in maternity pant this time around though and I’m SOOOO glad I did. Ross has really comfy and cute ones for super cheap. And I agree leggings are your best friend! =)

  2. Congratulations on your fourth baby! I LOVE your perspective on this new addition to your family and everything you said has been echoed by my other friends with 4+ kids! These tips are so helpful and I’ll be keeping them in mind – who knows maybe I’ll have a fourth baby one day ❤️

  3. Old Navy was my FAVORITE for maternity wear. These are such great and easy to follow tips. I was surprised at how much of my wardrobe was able to double as maternity clothing. Before becoming pregnant I was all about the oversized tops, sweaters and long tanks so I had a lot of stuff I could continue to wear. Sometimes you just have to get a bit creative when it comes to maternity wear shopping when you don’t have a fortune to spend on clothing that you don’t need for long!

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