How To Make Reading to All Your Kids Fun, Fast and Painless

Reading to all of my kids has always been a goal of mine, something that I know I should be doing more often. But sometimes, it’s a bit hard when you’ve got a 7 year old, 4 year old and a baby who always wants to tear the book apart or grab it out of my hands. It’s also hard to keep everyone’s attention. My husband recently sent me an article on Flipboard which reminded me of my goal and the headline went something like this, the one thing you can do with your child that will change their life and that one thing is, of course….READING.

We all know that reading aloud to our kids is a good thing. Here are the benefits of reading aloud to your child:

It prepares a child for a life of learning.

It develops a stronger bond between parent and child.

It helps kids develop language skills and teaches them how to speak.

It helps them develop a lifelong love of reading which helps the get through all their education.

It helps them stay on or above grade level.

It helps makes all areas of education easier and less challenging.

For me, learning to read just came naturally. My parents never really took the time to sit down and read with me and not many parents do. According to the, less than 50% of parents read to their kids. Instead of reading to me, my parents bought me this set of Disney books with cassette tapes. I would play the tape that read the book and every time I heard the *chime* I knew it was time to turn the page. I enjoyed reading these books and I would read along at my own leisure whenever I wanted. I believe this is how I learned how to read.

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If I could, I would buy that same read along set for my kids, but unfortunately cassette tapes are a thing of the past and that reading set has long been discontinued. (Believe me, I checked! LOL! It was such a cute set.)

And then, my husband bought me a Nvidia Shield for our room making it a cinch to play Youtube or Netflix videos whenever I want. One night I wanted to read to the kids and I was far too lazy to get out of my comfy bed and search for a book. Instead, I searched for a read along video on Youtube and I was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of children’s books being read aloud.

I chose a story to follow and the book was up on our big screen, making it easy for all my kids to see and this way, the baby wouldn’t be grabbing at the pages. I thought…this is great! We were all sitting comfortably on the bed and everyone could see and read along. When we were done with one story, we were off to the next and there was a wide variety of books to choose from. What a great and easy way to get everyone, no matter what age, reading together.

If you want you can turn down the volume so you don’t hear the narrator speaking and then you can read along with the story. When we did this, my four year old enjoyed reading a long.

You can choose different stories from different reading levels. I found Disney stories as well as a lot of Dr. Seuss stories so there’s lots to choose from.

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Some videos are better than others of course. I like the ones where the words are in big print and so it’s easier for the kids to read and follow along. In some videos the words are highlighted.

It was great because the baby couldn’t take the book away or rip the pages out and everyone seemed to be paying attention to the story and if we didn’t like a story we could easy switch to a different one quickly.

You can also do this on your laptop or tablet. Instead of your child watching random YouTube videos, you can sit down with them and read a story together on YouTube. It’s a great way to bond with your child.

If you want to make reading part of your daily routine with your kids, try my one easy way to make reading fun, fast and painless. You don’t even have to bother with books. (Although I do like purchasing physical books, most of which just sit on the shelf the majority of the time. LOL!) Aim to read at least 15 minutes a day with your kids. It’s one of the best things you can do for them.