8 Ways Your Kids Can Help With The Housework

Hey there, friends! I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time now.

As a busy working mom of three little ones, it can get quite overwhelming managing life and all the housework. If you’ve followed my blog, I’ve talked about housework in previous posts because it’s never ending!

I’m constantly cleaning the kitchen, putting dishes away, wiping counters and tables, picking up toys, cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, folding laundry, and putting away laundry. Just when you thought your were done doing all the laundry, the hampers are full again! OMG!

A  fellow mom of four told me a way to keep up the housework is getting your kids to participate. Yes, they may suck at it at first, but they are part of the family and they need to pitch in and help out. She says that she got her kids cleaning at age 4, helping out with the vacuuming and laundry. At first I was really surprised, like really, can a 4 year old help? But if you don’t want to do it all by yourself all the time, you gotta let other people help you out and eventually, they will get better at it and know that they are expected to help.

Here’s my post on 8 ways your kids can help out with the housework!

Tip No. 1: Yes, your kid can vacuum!

I have a Dyson handheld vacuum and surprisingly my four year old was able to help me pick up all the cereal off the floor with the vacuum after breakfast. I was surprised of how fast she was and how she was actually enjoying helping out! I guess my friend was right that 4 year olds can vacuum!

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Tip No. 2: Get your kids to fold the socks.

Have you every played a matching card game with your kids? Well this is the same thing but with socks! I usually put all the socks together in one pile and get the older two to match the socks and then sort them into different piles, one for each member of the family. Eventually they get tired and start slowing down, but hey, they gotta get used to it. This is also a way to keep them off their iPads! My girls spend way too much time on their iPads!

Tip No. 3: Get your kids to put their dirty dishes in the sink.

This saves you one step of having to walk to your table and put the dishes in the sink. In my kitchen there’s an island separating the sink from the kitchen table, so you have to go around the island to get to the table and that takes time. If the kids get used to putting their own dishes in the sink, it saves you a step and makes doing the dishes a little bit easier. My kids still need to work on this as they are still leaving their dishes on the table.

Tip No. 4: Get your kids to collect the garbage bags from each room.

It was really helpful when my kids helped out with this chore. They were able to pick up any scraps of paper off the floor and put it in the garbage, then they tied up the bags and brought it downstairs. Then they were able to grab garbage bags for me to replace the old one. Like I mentioned, every little bit helps.

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Tip No. 5: Get your kids to tidy up the shoes.

This is one of my pet peeves! I hate it when the shoes are just all over the place. My four year old again is quite proficient with this. At first, she was throwing the shoes in to the closet, but I told her that doesn’t work because then the shoes get all mixed up. I showed her how to neatly put the shoes away. Next thing you know the foyer is clear of all the shoes and everything is put away neatly.

Tip No. 6: Get your kids to make the beds.

My kids really don’t mind doing this. Yes, it’s not exactly the way that I would do it, but at least the blankets are pulled up and it sorta looks neat. With practice they will get better.

Tip No. 7: Get your kids to help sort the laundry.

This is kind of like the matching game, except we are organizing the clothing according to colour. We have a dark pile, a coloured pile, a white pile and a towels pile. My kids again, have fun doing this. My daughter has to check with me sometimes asking me whether a certain item is classified as coloured or light. I tell her to make the call! Lol!

Tip No. 8: Get your kids to help you put away the laundry.

My 7 year old put away her laundry. Was it done perfectly? Not at all! But hey, she was able to put the laundry in the appropriate drawers. The pants and tops were put in the right drawers, but the clothes were unfolded. Like I said, with time, she’ll get better (I hope! hehe…)

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the never ending housework, take it from me and try and get your kids to help out. Every little bit helps. It teaches them some good life skills as they will eventually need to do these tasks on their own. I always tell my kids that we are a team and everyone needs to pitch in. Yes, they are not the best at it right now, but I’m hoping down the road, they will be able to help me out a little bit more!

Do you ask your kids to help out with the house chores? If so, what do your kids do?


7 thoughts on “8 Ways Your Kids Can Help With The Housework

  1. My 4 year old puts his dishes away and his laundry away but i really need to start having him do more ! He sometimes vacuums for me he pretends it is a car and zooms around ! Haha. But one thing I would love for him to do is make his bed every day ! Great tips mamma ! 👍🏻

  2. I always try to get my preschooler to help with the laundry. I let him jump in the pile of clean laundry before we start folding. He likes to roll his clothes, so that’s what we do.

  3. Brilliant! We all need all the help we can get. My kids are much younger, but my two-year-old does toss (she’s way too short to reach) her dishes into the sink!

  4. Yaaaassss! 🙌 I think as parents it’s an important value to teach our children responsibility through small tasks like chores. I get heat from my MIL for being strict with having my 8 yr old son learn house chores. Because he’s a boy, and she had three boys and she was perfectly fine with doing it all herself. Yes to each their own. But this was my child and it was something I wanted to teach my son so he would later have the skills to care for himself without me. Boy or girl.. these are important. I do practically most of this. Including sorting for recycling and throwing garbage out in the garage. Thanks for sharing! ✊ power to you mama!


  5. These are some great tips to help introduce chores to your kids! My boys are still very young (2 and 4) but I’m already showing them how to do some things around the house and explain to them why. Fortunately they’re in that pleasing me stage so they just do whatever I want LOL. Lucky me!

  6. I’ve been wondering what kinds of chores I can assign to my son. He is almost 4. So far he puts his shoes on the shoe rack and feeds our cats! Haha. I like these ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Such good ideas!
    I really need to get on top of this with my kids. All they really do to help out is put their dishes in the sink and occasionally pack away their toys.
    I need to be less of a control freak and let my kids help me out! But really, it’s helping them out too by teaching them some responsibility.
    Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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