My New FuelBaby Bottle

Note: I was given a free baby bottle courtesy of fuelbaby to write a review on their product!

When it comes to feeding my babies, I do a mix of breastfeeding and bottle feeding. You can read more about my breastfeeding journey here. With my first daughter, I was adamant about exclusively breastfeeding so she never had the bottle.

When my second child came, I wanted to have a bit more freedom, meaning I wanted to be able to have a break and leave for 2-3 hours at a time. If she became hungry before I arrived, my mom or whoever was babysitting would give her a bottle of formula just to tie her over until I got home so she wouldn’t go hungry.

When my third child came, I was pretty busy, taking my older one to school, going on field trips and managing all the stuff at home. I was a lot busier and found it more convenient to give her a bottle if we were out but still breastmilk was still her main source of food.

As you can see, my preferences regarding infant feeding changed as I had more children. I still believe breastmilk is best but if I couldn’t breastfeed for any reason, I was ok with giving formula.

With formula feeding, you obviously need a baby bottle. Read my post to get the inside scoop on this baby bottle by fuel baby that helps busy moms feed their babies on the go.

My Experience With Baby Formula

If I was on the go, I would usually buy those ready to feed formula bottles. All you had to do was screw on a nipple and it would be ready to feed at any time. Yes, it was easy and convenient, but this type usually only comes in 4 ounces. What if your baby likes to drink more than 4 ounces? Then you would need to carry around a couple of these. This type of ready to feed formula is expensive but for me at the time, I wasn’t giving it very often so the expense wasn’t a big issue to me.

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Then I opted to try those narrow, long packets of powdered formula for a single feed. All you would have to do is have a baby bottle with water ready and then you would pour the contents of the packet into the water and mix. Sounds easy enough right? But this too is also expensive. It’s much more economical to buy a large container of formula and scoop it out as needed. Hey with three kids, the expenses do add up quickly, so it’s crucial to think of ways to save any way you can.

My Experience With the FuelBaby Bottle

Now, I have discovered the FuelBaby bottle. I was contacted by the FuelBaby marketing team to trial their product and I immediately said yes. Anything to make a mom’s life easier is always worth a try.

What do I like most about this product?

Ease of use when you’re on the go. Let’s face it moms, our lives are busier than ever. We’re always on the go, taking kids to school, picking up groceries, doing errands, going on field trips and taking kids to extra curricular activities.

The FuelBaby bottle makes it a bit easier for us moms. Instead of carrying large containers of formula or buying expensive packets or ready to feed formula, all you have to do is put the formula in the special compartment attached to the bottom of the baby bottle.

When you are ready to feed, simply push the button and the powder gets released into the water. Next, all you have to do is shake to mix and the bottle is ready for your baby.

Very hip and modern packaging. I love the design.

Pictures on the box show how the bottle works. Shape of the bottle makes it easy for baby to hold and of course the product is BPA free. All parts are dishwasher safe except for the formula compartment.

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TOP LEFT- push the bottom of the bottle and the formula gets released into the water.

TOP RIGHT- the nipple is similar to mom’s so baby is comfortable with it.

BOTTOM LEFT- this is the compartment where you prep ahead and add the formula. The shaker ball gets dropped when the button is pushed and it helps to make sure it all mixes well together.

BOTTOM RIGHT- What it looks like when the ball has not been released.

The bottle comes with easy to follow instructions.

The Verdict?

My baby liked it right away and I found that it did not spill or leak easily. The only thing I found was that it was a bit difficult to separate the nipple for cleaning. Maybe it just takes getting used to, otherwise this is a great solution for feeding on the go!

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