Furniture To Avoid Buying When You Have Little Kids

I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite some time now because I have been so frustrated with my furniture choices and I hope that you guys won’t make the same mistakes as me. I have a 7, 4 and 1  year old and man, do they make a mess. I’m constantly wiping faces, floors, counters and tables. It’s never ending! If I had only made some better decisions about furniture in the past, then cleaning up wouldn’t be so hard… LOL! Also, some of the furniture choices we made aren’t exactly toddler friendly. Read this post on furniture to avoid buying when you have little kids.

Furniture Mistake No. 1: Do not buy chairs that have backs that resemble a ladder!

I really wish I didn’t buy these chairs. It scares me every time my daughter climbs on these chairs. She climbs on the back of the chair like it’s a ladder! When I see her doing this it freaks me out every time and I quickly run to her and get her to go down! Luckily the chair has never tipped over. Instead, opt for chairs that have vertical wooden rods and not ladder-like ones like this. Just make sure you’re toddler can’t climb it.

Furniture Mistake No. 2: Do not buy chairs that have irremovable, absorbable cushions!

Geeze! My kids have spilled so many different things on the cushions of my chairs. They’ve spilled juice, milk, cereal, sauces, creams basically everything and then I have to scrub it off. Luckily, the colour of the cushion resembles dirt so all the stains blend in. And even luckier, I know the best stain remover to remove almost any spill. Click here for “the best carpet stain remover”. Instead, opt for chair seats that repel water or at least have removable cushions that you can either replace when they get dirty or put in the washing machine, making clean up a lot easier!

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Furniture Mistake No. 3: Do not get tables with removable glass tops.

So, we decided to get custom glass tops to protect our dark wood dining table. We didn’t want the dark wood to get dented or scratched and the glass has done exactly that. The only thing is, the edges of our table are curved and stick out further than the glass, meaning that spilled fluids can easily get under the glass top. Every time our kids eat, of course they spill their milk, juice, our soup and manage to get it under the glass every time. Then, we have to move the glass and clean under it otherwise it looks really gross or it hardens. If I could do it again, I would get a marble table which wouldn’t need a glass top and then all you would have to do is wipe and done!

Furniture Mistake No. 4: Do not buy white furniture!

When we had our first child I said, we can buy white furniture. I’m just going to be really careful with it. Wrong! I bought this white ikea arm chair and used it as my nursing chair when my first child was born. Now three kids later, it’s not as white as it used to be. It’s got marker stains on it, finger prints, dark spots, you name it. Yes the cover is removable, but I’m far to lazy to remove that thing! I’ve got other things to do. Take my advice, avoid buying white furniture if you’ve got kids no matter how good it looks. It won’t looks so good down the road. (Unless the furniture is hidden from them).

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Furniture Mistake No. 5: Ok, this one is not furniture but…do not buy high pile shaggy rugs!

When I first got this rug, it was awesome. My kids loved it because it was soft and cushiony. They sat comfortably on the floor on this rug while they watched TV. Now, almost 5 years later, the rug is for lack of a better word, GROSS! Everything gets stuck in it. Crumbs, food, sticky candy are basically lost in it. No matter how much I vacuum it, it still doesn’t feel clean. Maybe it’s just time to replace it because rugs aren’t meant to be kept forever. My next rug will be low pile. That way I can know for sure that food crumbs aren’t lost in it.

Furniture Mistake No. 6: Do not buy dining chairs that can change shape or breakdown.

So basically, our dining room is our kid’s art room. I let them do all the arts and crafts in this room, which means they spend a lot of time standing and sitting on these chairs. So as you can see, these chairs have taken beating and they have sunk and bits of the top layer have been scratched away. These chairs are not presentable anymore. Maybe it was my fault for letting the kids do art in the formal dining room or maybe we should have bought more durable chairs.

Here’s a recap:

Do not buy chairs that have backs that resemble ladders!

Do not buy chairs that have irremovable, absorbable cushions!

Do not get tables with removable glass tops.

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Do not buy white furniture!

Ok, this one is not furniture but…do not buy high pile shaggy rugs!

Do not buy dining chairs that can change shape or breakdown.

Hope this was helpful you guys! Do you have other tips on what furniture to avoid buying when you have little kids? Let me know in the comments section!




6 thoughts on “Furniture To Avoid Buying When You Have Little Kids

  1. I think we’re in the same boat, my couches have duct tape on them because the kids jump and colour on them! I remember my mom saying that the furniture in her home was not changed over until we had all graduated highschool because she refused to let new furniture get ruined again! Great post again, Em!

    1. Hey Amanda! Thanks for the comment! Surprisingly after 7 years, our couches aren’t too bad. The guy who sold it to us said that the cushions would keep it’s shape and they have. Also, the colour is like a muddy brown so you can’t see all the stain marks. My mom changed the couches while I was in elementary and we got popsicle all over it. I’m glad you liked my post! =)

  2. Another suggestion to avoid (like the ladder thing) is anything resembling stairs. We purchased a beautiful set of drawers that was stair shaped that we could display items on each “stair step” and then graduated drawers in the main piece. After my first three kids all tried to climb it putting them 4 1/2 feet up, we got rid of it.

    1. Hey Lindsay. Thanks for your comment! Good suggestion! Although that furniture piece does sound very nice, it also sounds really scary for kids! I would have done the same thing!

  3. Emily these are all really good suggestions. I had to laugh about the cushion. The only thing that will save you is if the color looks like dirt! I have been through all of these. We had a chest for a coffee table for years because they’d jump on it. Finally I found an old sturdy wooden table cut it down to coffee table height and have refinished it. It is sturdy it is lovely and most of all it can take a beating. Of course, now my kids are all grown up so it doesn’t matter. As for the rugs, I kept the old ones till they were old enough to know better and they did not match at all. Beautiful decorating is low on a mom’s priorities when she has a house full of kids. Good luck!.

    1. Yes, I’m so glad we have a sturdy wooden coffee table. I’ve seen videos of kids dancing or jumping on coffee tables till it broke apart. Mine is so sturdy even my father in law can stand on it! LOL! So far the kids haven’t destroyed it yet! LOL!
      It’s so good that you are very resourceful and creative!
      I still enjoy decorating my house even with little kids but they’ve been pretty good about taking care of the decor and not breaking things. I’m really lucky in that sense! Thanks for the comment, Mary!

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