8 Things I Wish My Toddler Wouldn’t Do

Taking care of a toddler is a lot of work, especially when they get to the stage where they’re climbing on every chair, table, object, stool, ledge…you name it. You really have to watch them like a hawk otherwise they could really hurt themselves. Oh the joys of motherhood! My youngest is 18 months now and I’m really cherishing her because soon enough she’ll be like her old sisters and she won’t be my little baby anymore. But there are several things that my toddler does that’s quite annoying or gross. Here’s my list of 8 things that I wish my toddler wouldn’t do.

Taking care of a toddler is a lot of work, especially when they reach the age where they are just climbing on everything. What my toddler does can really drive me crazy sometimes. Here are 8 things I wish my toddler wouldn't do.

1. I wish my toddler wouldn’t eat the fallen toothpaste in the bathroom sink.

This is so gross. Sometimes, when we brush our teeth, chunks of toothpaste fall into the sink. My toddler then climbs onto a stool and picks up the toothpaste which her cute chubby little fingers and puts it into her mouth! This is so nasty. Usually I make it in time to stop her, but other times I’m not so lucky.

2. I wish my toddler wouldn’t touch her diaper area during a diaper change.

This is really gross, especially when she’s done no. 2. We’ve tried to distract her, sing her a song, make her put her hands up so she wouldn’t touch the area. Sometimes, we’re unsuccessful and she manages to scratch herself down there, when it’s not clean. You get the picture. Sometimes, we’re able to clean the area before she touches it and she manages to swipe at the diaper rash cream and just like the toothpaste, she wants to taste it! How disgusting, right? I guess that’s how toddlers discover their world, by tasting everything!

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3. I really dislike it when my toddler gets her hands into the Vaseline jar.

This has happened on more than one occasion. My daughter seems to love getting her hands into the Vaseline jar. It ends up in her hair, on her clothes, and on her cheeks. OMG, is it a pain to wipe off after! No matter how much you wash, soap and scrub the vaseline doesn’t seem to come off! Her hair just remains greasy for a couple days!

4. I wish my toddler wouldn’t take massive amounts of selfies of herself on my phone.

Isn’t it amazing how toddlers seem to know how to use your phone better than you do? I guess it’s because they’re not afraid to try different things and just swipe at everything. When I watch her use my phone I see her do functions that I’ve never known about! One thing that she knows how to do really well is how to take burst shots of herself where she takes massive amounts of pictures of either herself or her feet. In a way it’s funny because you end up seeing multiple pictures of her cute little feet. I then have to go back and delete it all, unless she took a really good shot! Ha ha ha!

5. I wish my toddler wouldn’t pull all the tissues out of the tissue box.

Our good family friends came over last night and we were telling them about how our toddler loves to pull all the tissues out of the tissue box. If she sees a tissue box, it’s as if it calls to her, telling her to pull all the tissues out. I just stopped her this morning from ruining another tissue box. Our family friend then said, we should have just given her a bunch of tissue boxes for Christmas! I guess it would have been a great gift!

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6. I wish my toddler wouldn’t dump all the toys out of a storage bin right after I just filled it up.

For some reason, my toddler can’t seem to resist to empty a storage container. Just like the tissue box, it calls to her, telling her to dump it all out. If I left all my storage containers out in plain site, the whole floor would be covered in toys. Good thing I have the containers tucked away in little cupboards.

7. I wish my toddler wouldn’t use a diaper wipe to wipe the floor and then use it to wipe her face.

My daughter likes to copy what I do. She always sees me wiping the kitchen counters and the kitchen table, but she takes it a step further. After wiping the floor with her baby wipe, she then wipes her face! I mean, I admire her for trying to clean up, but please baby, clean to dirty! Not the other way around! OMG! He he he…

8. I wish my toddler wouldn’t use her hands to eat her yogurt.

My daughter just loves yogurt! She had one cup during breakfast and wanted another one during lunch. I’m glad that she likes eating yogurt but man, is it hard to clean up! I give her a little baby spoon so she can feed herself but when she’s sick of her spoon, she likes using her hands. She ends up scooping up the dairy goodness with her little hands and the yogurt ends up everywhere!

I just remind myself that this stage doesn’t last and all I can do is cherish it and take some really good pictures of it to remember it by! Is there anything that your toddler does that’s pretty crazy?

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4 thoughts on “8 Things I Wish My Toddler Wouldn’t Do

  1. My toddler once ate a mouthful of sand at the park, pulled a face, spat it out, and then grabbed another mouthful of sand just to make sure.
    Also she “helps mummy in the garden” by pulling out all the flowers, but she’s just so enthusiastic about it that it’s adorable lol

    1. OMG! That’s so gross and funny! Wow, sounds like she’s mommy’s little helper! That’s great! The funny things toddlers do huh?

  2. these are all so funny. when my son was a toddler, he did a few of these things. But one of the most embarrassing things he did was when we were inside a grocery and a lot of m&m’s were scattered on the floor at the candy aisle. He proceeded to pick the candies and eat them

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