How finding balance in your life will make you a happier mom

As moms, finding balance can feel almost impossible. We may feel like our lives are taken over by work, kids’ activities, or the housework. It always seems like there’s too many things to do and not enough time. As a result, we end up not paying very much attention to ourselves. We neglect ourselves, overwork ourselves, and put our own health and well being on the back burner.

Recently, I’ve taken a good look at my unbalanced life and realized that there is something I can do about it. Before, I just accepted it and thought, that’s just the way life is, I’m just going to have to suck it up. But we don’t have to do that. We can take a careful look at how we spend our time and change it for the better so we are finding time for ourselves, so we have time to see friends and other things that make us feel fullfilled. With a bit of effort and planning, a more balance life can be achieved which perhaps may lead to us being happier moms!

How finding balance in your life will make you a happier mom

The Wellness Wheel

How finding balance by using the wellness wheel can make you a happier mom


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In my attempts to seek a more balanced life, I have discovered the wellness wheel. In college, I briefly learned about it but I never really took a good look at it and applied to myself. I guess at the time, my life was different. I didn’t really have any responsibilities. I went to school and work, I studied and that was about it. Now that I have a husband and three little ones who depend on me, life is a LOT different. There are so many more demands on my energy and time. There are the demands of work and family and then just the regular day to day demands like grocery shopping and errands. Sometimes I feel like I’m being stretched too thin to the point of breaking. I guess this is what you call burn out and I admit, I probably could practice better self care. Now that I know about the wellness wheel, I can identify those areas of my life that need work and achieve a healthier more balanced life.

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Having an unbalanced life is like a flat tire

Having an unbalance life is like having a flat tire. When we have a flat tire, our car doesn’t work well, it’s unsafe, it makes our car inefficient, we don’t travel in a straight direction, it makes our vehicle unreliable, and it makes for a very rough and rocky ride which nobody wants. If we have a flat tire, we fix it right away because it’s a problem. This is how we need to think of our own wellness. If we have an unbalanced life, we need to recognize which areas of our lives are unbalanced and make an attempt to put more attention on the areas that need more work.

Let’s learn about the wellness wheel

There are 6 components of the wellness wheel which are aspects of who we are.

  1. Social
  2. Emotional
  3. Intellectual
  4. Spiritual
  5. Physical
  6. Occupational

The Social Component

  • relationships
  • how we relate to others
  • our community interaction
  • how we connect and get along with people that surround us


The Emotional Component

  • includes feelings, emotions, reactions and cognition
  • are we in touch with our feelings of sorrow, joy and love?
  • are we able to cope with the emotional challenges of life?


The Intellectual Component

  • involves critical thinking, creativity and curiosity
  • do we desire to be a lifelong learner?
  • are we open to new experiences and ideas in order to continue to grow?


The Spiritual Component

  • involves meaning and value
  • helps us to establish peace and harmony
  • are we finding purpose in life?


The Physical Component

  • involves the body, nutrition and healthy habits
  • are we doing what we need to do to maintain a healthy quality of life?
  • are we making a conscious effort to make healthy decisions?
  • do we get regular exercise?
  • do we get enough sleep?
  • do we making healthy food choices?
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The Occupational Component

  • do we find fulfillment and meaning in our job?
  • are we able to find balance between work an leisure?
  • involves skills, finance, balance and satisfaction


Time to take the test! What does your wellness wheel look like?

Click here to take the wellness wheel test!

The higher the score, the better.

A lower score means you’ve got work to do!

After taking the test, which areas are great and which areas need work?

What is your action plan to achieve wellness?

Write down at least one thing you can do or change to achieve wellness in each sector that needs work. What can you do differently this week?

Striving for balance is not easy, but we need to at least try and make the first step. We don’t need to change everything all at once but we can start by changing one thing and see what happens. If for you the physical component needs work, you can start by adding in one day of physical activity a week and gradually increase it as you like. If you need to work on the social aspect, you can start by going for a walk with a friend or just giving a friend a phone call. Give it a try and see how you feel afterwards. Finding balance and wellness is an ongoing process that require constant effort. Change can be hard but if you at least make the first step, it can lead to a happier, healthier you!

I hope this post helps! Take care!

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