Bad Parenting/Great Christmas Gift Idea

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Yesterday was a typical busy mom “day off” for me. On my days off, I’m not really off. I’m taking care of the kids, making their food, doing the pick up and drop off, doing the laundry, the groceries, the cleaning etc…It was a pretty packed day since early morning, because I had to take my youngest to an appointment at 9am and it took about an hour to get there once I found the place and parked. There was just so much traffic. Once we got to the appointment, we waited for the doctor for about 30 to 40 minutes in the clinic room. My daughter got bored of course so she kept herself busy by looking out the window at all the construction workers. She would point and in her baby gibberish language say, “see? see? [insert baby gibberish} see? see?”. I thought it was so cute.

Bad parenting and a great Christmas gift idea
Bad parenting and a great Christmas gift idea

After the appointment, I was starving! So I decided to grab some McDonald’s drive through and had a sausage and egg McMuffin meal. At the time, it was so delicious and satisfying, but boy did I pay for it afterwards. My gut didn’t feel so good the whole day. After that, I picked up my eldest from school, dropped one off at preschool, dropped the other girls at grandmas, spent an hour at the grocery store (speed shopping), then I made it just in time to pick up my middle child from preschool. (Yay! not late!)

It wasn’t easy convincing my middle child to go to preschool yesterday. This is where the bad parenting comes in. Lately, she’s been making excuses to not go to preschool. Last week, she told us that she was sick and not feeling good. Yes, she threw up, which is a really good reason not to go to preschool. We were just getting over a stomach flu, but the rest of the day after that, she appeared well and was playing really well with her cousin. Maybe she just didn’t want to go? Yesterday, she was crying saying she was just too tired, but how can she be tired when she’s been resting all morning? I was having a pretty hectic day yesterday and so I resorted to bribing. Do you guys bribe your children to do what you want?

You know, preschool isn’t cheap! You pay hundreds of dollars¬†for it monthly and then your child decides, they don’t want to go. Some days, I get it, and I keep her at home but she’s just been refusing so often. The preschool she goes to is really great. She’s made some good friends already and the teachers are awesome. She’s been learning a lot and she’s able to tell me what she did the whole day, which is amazing, so I know it’s worth it for her to go.

I wasn’t really thinking before I acted yesterday when I said, “If you go to preschool, I will get you a toy. What do you want?”. I just wanted her to be quiet, to be cooperative and go to preschool. She was in tears, telling me she really didn’t want to go. I know she likes preschool. It’s just initially she’s a bit shy and clingy and doesn’t wan’t me to leave, but once she’s warmed up, she has a really fun time. I ask her what she wants from the toy store and she knows exactly she wants. Immediately the tears stop and she says, “Mama, I want a cleaning set with a broom and mop.” I was kinda of ¬†surprised that she knew what to ask for so quickly. I said, “ok, go to preschool and when preschool is finished, you will have that toy.” This is so bad. Not a good lesson to teach your kids. This is only teaching her that if she cries, then she can have whatever she wants. But what can I do? I already did it. Whenever I make promise to my child, I try my very best to keep it.

Right after preschool we went to the toy store down the street. I was too tired to drive 20 minutes to the larger toy store which probably had better prices. This is where we found exactly what she was looking for. I ended up buying her the Melissa and Doug cleaning set complete with broom, mop, brush and dust pan and it came with a stand so you can hang everything on it. Yes, it was bad to bribe my daughter, but we ended up getting this cool toy which all three of my kids loved. Even the baby loves it. The baby is always trying to play with my real broom and dust pan which is so gross because it’s so dirty. Now they have their own kid sized ones that they can play with anytime they want.

To sum it all up, I do regret trying to bribe my daughter to go to preschool. If I keep that up, getting my daughter to go to preschool will become very expensive. Secondly, it’s not teaching her good behaviour. On the bright side, my kids have a new toy that they really love! hahaha!

img_0205 img_0204

Melissa and Doug toys are awesome! They have a wide variety of toys that are made of wood and look very durable.
Better to do you Christmas shopping early and get it over with! Click on the images below to see them on Amazon.

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4 thoughts on “Bad Parenting/Great Christmas Gift Idea

  1. I think all of us parents are guilty of bribing every now and then. If not, well it’s just me and you baby lol! Odd she doesn’t want to go to school at least every other day but I’m sure she’s just use to being with you all the time. My oldest is not a clinger but my 10 month old is permenantly attached to me it seems. I’ve heard about Melissa and Doug toys but never bought any yet. My 10 month old is obsessed with brooms so I’ll have to check this one out!

    1. Yea the cleaning set is a big hit with all my kids. It was actually cheaper on amazon than when i bought it in store! My friend and sister in law also said their second child was more clingy and doesn’t want to be put down. When i had my second child, i carried her a lot in a fabric carrier so I could get some stuff done at the same time.

  2. Your daughter is so pretty and she looked happy to be getting a new toy. I’m not a mom yet, so I don’t really know the do’s and don’t. But, at the end of the day she attended preschool, you are happy and your kids are happy to have a new toy too. So, if you ask me. Job well done!

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