6 Christmas traditions you can enjoy with your family

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As our family has grown, we have picked up a few Christmas traditions of our own. When I was growing up, it was our tradition to have a family party on Christmas day and go to church on Christmas morning. We have continued this tradition now that I have a family of my own, but we have also adopted our own fun traditions.



To spice up our family parties, we usually ask all the family members to wear something festive, like a particular Christmas colour. Last year we all wore red. I’ve seen other families wear all plaid. This year, I may ask everyone to wear a an “ugly christmas sweater”. You see these “ugly Christmas sweaters” everywhere. I mean they not that ugly, just extremely festive. LOL! Something you may only wear once a year. It just makes it fun. Everyone has a good laugh making fun of each other! It’s great! LOL!

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I learned from a friend the tradition of purchasing one new Christmas ornament every year. If you don’t want to buy you can always make your own. I usually let my daughters choose one ornament each that they like. It reminds us of what their interests were that year. It’s memorable and special. We have a porcelain ornament of a husband and wife on their wedding day with our anniversary year on it which was given to us by a  family member. I think this is very sentimental. It brings back memories and the children have a great time choosing the one ornament that speaks to them. They can look back at the ornaments they’ve chosen in the past and it makes the tree more special.



You can make a gingerbread house. Nowadays, they have gingerbread houses that come in box and all you have to do is put it together and decorate it. It’s a fun activity to do with the kids. They have different themed gingerbread houses. I’ve seen a Mickey Mouse Gingerbread house which was cute. It can be part of the Christmas decor at your family party or a centrepiece.



A friend of ours gave us Elf on a Shelf. He’s a small elf that comes in a box along with a story book. Elf on a Shelf is kind of like Santa’s spy. He checks on your kids to make sure they’re being nice and reports back to Santa if they’ve been naughty. It keeps your kids in line. LOL! Every night, you can move him around and when the kids wake up, the elf is found in a different place. It kind of freaks out my kids to tell you the truth, but it’s so fun! Lot’s of other moms have come up with creative ways of placing the elf. For example, he’ll be taking a bath or driving a car, cute stuff like that!



You can do an Advent calendar. You can buy the chocolate Advent Calendar that you find in the store or I’ve seen people make their own. This helps the kids keep track of the number of days before Christmas. Also, Advent is about waiting and preparing for the coming of Jesus on Christmas day. It can be a reminder to our kids of the reason why we celebrate Christmas. And who doesn’t love chocolate?!



Another way of spicing up your family parties is by doing a Secret Santa or gift exchange! We’ve been doing Secret Santa for quite a few years now it’s always been fun. This way we can focus on buying one really nice gift for one person instead of having to buy several small gifts. This relieves the stress on everyone and also relieves the stress on our budgets. LOL!

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What’s your favourite family Christmas tradition?

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14 thoughts on “6 Christmas traditions you can enjoy with your family

  1. As much as I despise the Elf, he makes an annual appearance at our house. My mom has always done the ornament tradition and it’s by far one of my favorite things. As far as dressing festive, I just scored some snazzy LuLaRoe reindeer leggings 😉

  2. We are doing Elf on the Shelf and picking a new permanent each year. My little one is barely going to turn 1 1/2 so I hope I can do the advent calendar one soon too.

  3. We LOVE doing secret Santa with my husbands side of the family! The gifts are much more personal and fun that way! It takes the stress out of Christmas!

  4. I love the ornament idea! Since we have cats, we have decided to just buy some cheap shatterproof ornaments for our tree so none of our special ones get broken.

  5. Great ideas! We tried the gingerbread house, but it was a bit of a mess. I think the kids were a little too young, but maybe this year it will be better. Also, definitely going to do the ornament every year, and I love advent calendars too.

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