The Best Sippy Cups for 12 Months +

This post contains affiliate links. All ideas/opinions on my blog are my own and I wouldn’t endorse a product that I (or my baby…hehe) haven’t tried. 

So you’re baby is getting older now and you want to transition her from bottle to sippy cup. You’ve tried a number of different types of sippy cups, and you can’t get your child to switch! You find yourself wasting another 10 bucks on a pair of sippy cups that either don’t work properly, they drip or spill (even though the label says spill proof), or your baby can’t get the fluid out of the darn cup! Does this sound like you? Well this is exactly what I’m going through! LOL! Here are two sippy cups that have worked for me.

My daughter loves drinking from a straw, so I bought her this toddler cup with a straw and she couldn’t suck the water out. Then she would bend the straw and it would fling one way or the other and the water would just project and hit you or your baby in the face. Then she would try to tip the drink upside down, like a baby bottle, and get frustrated because she couldn’t get the fluid out.

Then I tried cheap, take and toss cups, and once they tip over, they leak, so you get juice or water on your furniture or on the floor. These are ok for older toddlers. At least you can tell them to keep the drink upright, but for a baby just over a year, they just leave their cups all over the place.

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But at last, I have found two types of sippy cups that my daughter loves! They don’t leak. She is able to tip them upside down likes she’s drinking from a baby bottle, and she’s able to get the juice or water out of the bottle. Both of them are AVENT brand and I got them from Toys R US.




img_9497 img_9498 img_9499 img_9500

I like how the penguin cup has handles so it’s easy for baby to grasp. I like the Easy Sippy Cup because it’s designed like a baby bottle. The mouth piece is made of the same material as a nipple for a baby bottle so it’s a good transitional cup. They are both easy to clean and I just take the pieces apart and pop them in the dishwasher. The penguin cup is also a good size.

If you are looking for the perfect sippy cup for your greater than 12 months baby, try these two AVENT cups.


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