How to get luxury handbags for less in Vancouver BC

Not too long ago I purchased my first luxury handbag. I was eyeing the Balenciaga Classic City handbag for a really long time. I’ve learned that when you really want something, you think about it A LOT and if you got something similar, that it just wouldn’t do and you would continue to want the original thing you had your eyes on. I’ve learned this over the years. Sometimes, it’s ok to just go with something similar, but other times, you want what you want. So my hubby surprised me and decided to order it for me without me knowing. I was so so shocked he got it for me but at the same time I was super happy. I really like this bag because it’s classic and so versatile and it’s a good size so you can fit a lot of stuff in it. For me, I like to keep a lot of my purchases¬†for a really long time. It’s an investment piece that you can get a lot of use out of. You can be really dressed up and use this bag or dress more casually.



I was talking to a friend recently, and she told me her secret, (but not so secret, LOL) to getting designer handbags for less. Why pay full price when you don’t have to? You can save hundreds of dollars! Who doesn’t like saving money! She told me that she has purchased gently used designer handbags at Modaselle. It’s a store that’s been around for more than 10 years selling pre-owned designer luxury handbags in Vancouver. Before, I would be reluctant to purchase something pre-owned. How do you know if it’s authentic? What if it’s just a knock off? What if you’re getting ripped off? But you won’t have to worry about those things when you purchase a luxury handbag at Modaselle. They have been in the business for more than 10 years and have served many happy customers in the lower mainland, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

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To be honest, I haven’t purchased a purse from them yet, but I have heard great things about the owner and their products. When I decided to buy my next luxury designer handbag, it will be from them. I’ve learned my lesson! LOL!¬†Check them out by clicking on the link below.

Modaselle -Authentic Luxury

They also sell jewelry, watches and other accessories, as well as items for men. You can also sell your lightly used luxury goods to them too. You can visit them at 943 Seymour Street in Vancouver.


Another way of getting designer luxury items for way less is by joining a Facebook group. I was recently added to Vancouver Luxury Designer Lovers. Join this group if you want to be tempted to buy some awesome stuff!! LOL! Well, if you were going to buy it anyway, you might as well get it for less! The thing that you may have been wanting could be here and you can save a lot! Everyday, people are posting their lightly used luxury items. Usually, they prove the authenticity with the receipts and other certificates so you can rest assured you’re getting the real deal.


The Vancouver Fashion Collective is another Facebook group you could join. It has over 7000 member so everyday members are posting their designer goods.

So if you’re wanting to get luxury designer handbags for less, try shopping at Modaselle or Facebook groups! You may find exactly what you are looking for for way less and feel awesome about your purchase! Happy shopping!

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Let me know where you have bought preowned luxury handbags!

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