Fabulous Fall Fashion Finds from Forever 21!

It’s officially feeling like fall here in Vancouver! The leaves are falling, the weather is cooler and all the fall fashion is hitting the stores. I went to H&M the other day and in the accessories section they have shelf after shelf of scarves! Can’t believe it’s back to school for the kids! Summer is OVER!

What I love about where I live is that we get to experience all four seasons! I love summer! In the summer, it doesn’t take much to get out the door. You just slip on some flip flops and you’re out the door in a flash! No need to fuss with socks and shoes with laces etc… hehehe! In the fall, when it starts to get cold and rainy, you need to wear it all- hats, boots, scarves and gloves to protect yourself from the elements. But I can’t complain too much. Our weather here in Vancouver is pretty mild. In the fall, I love wearing boots, wool coats, scarves and comfy cozy sweaters.

I just started a new position at work recently, and after just having a baby (about 14 months ago) my wardrobe was in desperate need of an update. With three kids, I can’t be buying expensive clothing all the time so shopping at Forever 21 is a budget friendly way to get up to date fashions. Usually when I shop at F21, I can’t find anything! The F21 near my house doesn’t seem to get the best stuff. I think the busier stores get better stock. But when I went this week, I was in luck! They just received a huge shipment and I was able to find several items that I could wear to work and they were pretty cheap too! My new position requires me to dress a bit more professionally.

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Here are some of the great tops I found at F21 this week!!


You can never go wrong with a black top! Black tops are so versatile and look professional and slimming. It’s a relaxed fit so if you have a bit of a belly like me, you won’t have to worry, it won’t show. I like the neck detail and it’s not to low in the front. I really like this top a lot!IMG_9322

I wan’t going to buy this top at first because I thought it was a bit boxy, but I already wore it to work once and it’s a nice basic piece to wear under a blazer. It’s a nice neutral colour that goes with anything. It also has a relaxed fit. It’s a bit wrinkled but a steamer gets that out easily. I use my hand steamer almost daily. Steamers work great! They heat up fast and are effective at smoothing out the wrinkles. I also think a nice statement necklace can jazz up this piece.


I like love this floral top. It looks better on than in pictures. Can you tell I love relaxed tops? This one is also very comfortable. Did I mention all of these tops are around 20 bucks! None of them are over 30 bucks!IMG_9329

I really like the colour of this top. It’s like a nice mustard yellow. The back detail is pretty cute too.IMG_9331

I liked the way this top looked so much I bought it in a nice soft pink colour- very feminine and pretty.

If you’re¬†looking for some great fall work wear, try forever21! But you need to go soon before all the sizes are gone!! LOL!

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Happy Fall Shopping!

(I heart your comments!)

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