Eating healthy on the go with Safeway Salads

I’m always making a conscious effort to choose healthy foods. As a busy working mom of three little girls, I don’t always have time to make my own lunch for work. My mornings are very busy. I wake up at 6am while everyone is still asleep so I can clean the kitchen. I take out the dishes from the dishwasher and put all the dishes away and make sure the kitchen is clean and tidy. When my eldest child wakes up, I feed her breakfast and get her ready for school. Then my second child wakes up and I make her breakfast. I get the┬álunch ready and make sure the diaper bag is prepared so my husband can take my youngest to grandma’s. By the time all that is done, I have about 10 to 15 minutes to spare to fold the laundry in peace. So before my shift starts, I already feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. Oh yea, somewhere during that time, I have to make sure I feed myself and eat a filling breakfast so I have enough energy to get through the day.

Since my mornings are already so packed, I don’t mind going to the grocery store to get ready to eat food. Before, I used to get fast food a lot, like McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s, (which once in a while is alright in my opinion. I love McDonald’s fries.) But if you eat that stuff regularly, your gut is not going to feel so good. I really feel a difference when I eat fresh, whole foods. You feel more energetic, you don’t feel bloated, and you don’t have that sluggish feeling. I also know that when you eat right, your skin looks better, your bowels move better, and your immune system is stronger. Not to mention, it also helps you manage your weight! Which is the reason why I decided to change my diet after I had baby no. 3, to lose the baby weight.

I am happy to say that I’m almost at my target weight! Yay! I just need to lose about 2 more pounds and I’m there! So I guess what I have been doing has been working! I have learned, on my weight loss journey, that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Both are very important. and part of what I have been doing, is eating these super delicious salads from Safeway. They are awesome! Whenever someone asks me about my salad when I’m waiting in the line up for the cashier, I tell them to buy these salads because they are sooooo delicious! I absolutely love them and I can eat them over and over again. They are decently priced and they keep you pretty full. You feel very satisfied after one of these salads. I usually buy 2 at a time. My favourites are the Asian Chicken┬áSalad and the Santa Fe Salad. It even comes with a fork inside. There are other ones too but those two are my favourites. These salads are pretty popular for lunch so sometimes I get there and they’re sold out!!

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If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy ready to eat salad, try Safeway’s Signature Cafe Salads found in the deli area of the store. It’s fresh, healthy and most importantly, delicious! Try it and let me know what you think!

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