Cool Storage Containers from Walmart!

I was at Walmart today, buying my necessities like toilet paper and a frying pan, and of course I found myself looking at other things that are not on my list. I love getting organized and sorting things. I like it when things are nice and tidy and put away. A place for everything and everything in it’s place, as the saying goes. Walmart actually has a nice selection of storage containers. I usually go to Canadian Tire for home goods (since they took away Target in my area) but things from C.T. can be pricey sometimes. Walmart had very affordable storage containers that you could use for a variety of purposes. They had small containers, large containers, fabric containers and plastic containers.

I would use the storage containers for:

  • kid’s toys
  • diapers
  • toiletries
  • clothing
  • cleaning products
  • make up
  • accessories like scarves and hats
  • pantry items
  • fridge items

Some of the benefits of getting organized with storage bins

  • easier to find things- saves time
  • reduces stress- it’s very stressful when you can’t find something
  • it’s just more visually appealing
  • you save space- some containers you can stack
  • easier to move things around when they are in a container

Tips when using storage bins

  • don’t store things you don’t need- if you don’t need it, get rid of it
  • invest in storage containers that are versatile- for example, it can hold toys or clothing
  • label your storage containers so you know exactly what’s in them
  • you can use them as part of a gift basket. They can reuse the container for storage.
  • make sure it matches with your decor
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Here are just some of the storage containers I found at Walmart today!

  • img_9665 img_9667 img_9668 img_9669 img_9670 img_9671 img_9672

Getting organized feels so good!

IMG_6853 (1)