A Blissful Wedding at Steamworks, Vancouver BC

What a blissful and intimate wedding right in the heart of downtown, Vancouver. I’ve been to Steamworks for drinks with friends in the past, but I never knew they did weddings! When I read the invitation and found out it was going to be at Steamworks, I couldn’t really imagine having a wedding at a bar. But I figured no matter what, it was going to be a beautiful wedding. After all, it was my cousin’s wedding and knowing her, she pays attention to detail.

When we got there, we realized that Steamworks had a separate dining area, where they could block it off for private functions. It had a different feel from the rest of the pub area. It was brighter and had a more classy yet laid back feel. It had a waterfront view which was just amazing. The bathroom even had a waterfront view. The number of guests I’m estimating was about 100 and it was like I said, intimate. It was very comfortable and it made you feel like you were at home (except 100 times better, of course!).

The decor was lovely. Beautifully and sophistically arranged flowers adorned the tables. It was romantic with the white candles lit all around the venue. Touches of gold accent pieces were all over the room. There were romantic quotes, framed in pretty gold frames everywhere, with strung lights hanging along the tables. It was sweet and elegant, just like the couple.

The wedding ceremony took place in a white, long hall with really high ceilings looking over the waterfront view. It was a a completely separate area right beside the dining room. The guests, excitedly waited for the bride to come marching down the aisle as they listened to modern tunes played by a pianist (my husband) and a very gifted violinist (Kurt). The wedding officiant did a superb job, making the ceremony as special as the main attraction of the event, Jennie and Sam.

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After dinner, the long, white hall turned into a dance floor, once all the tables and chair were taken away. DJ ¬†Juice kept the guests happy and entertained listening to top 40 and olds skool from the 90’s! (My Fave!). I was saying, “OMG, I love this song!” The whole night! LOL! And if you wanted a break from dancing, there was a photo booth. Photo booths seem to be the trend these days. All three weddings I went to this month had photo booths.

It was a classy, elegant and blissful wedding. I’m so happy for my cousin and her new hubby, Sam! Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, laughter and love.


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My cousin did a fantastic job of planning this wedding. All the little details were perfect. It was as pretty as can be. If you are looking for a wedding venue in Vancouver, Steamworks may be the place for you! Congrats again to Jennie and Sam!

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