A beautiful, rustic themed wedding

It was an honour to be present at Yoshi and Tomiko’s wedding. Everything was perfectly planned, from the venue, to the signage, to the clever little party favours.

The ceremony was held at a historical site located in Richmond, BC called the London Heritage Farm. Although I have lived in Richmond all my life, I discover something new about my own town everyday. This was the first time I have ever been here! The London Heritage farm is a 4 acre historical site that over looks the south arm of the Fraser river. On this site you’ll find an 1890’s farm house and a beautiful park like area with gazebo. This is where the ceremony took place.

When the service began, the wedding party processed from the beautiful white farm house towards the gazebo where the marriage officiant was waiting. The bridesmaids were dressed in pretty, sparkly long formal gowns while the bride was dressed in a beautiful long, white gown with cascading ripples. She was just stunning. Her hair was left down in pretty relaxed waves.

For music they had a trio of string musicians playing modern songs like Bruno Mars’, “I think I Wanna Marry You” and Ed Sheehan’s “Thinking Out Loud”. I loved the modern selection of songs. It was romantic and sweet.

It was such a special ceremony. The officiant did an amazing job as the couple pledged their love for one another. The groom shed some tears as the bride walked down the aisle which touched all the hearts of the guests. We were so happy to be a part of this big milestone in their lives.

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The reception was located at another historical site located in Richmond called the Seine Net Loft at the Britannia Shipyard which was just minutes away from the ceremony site. Again, this is my first time at this venue and it was just perfect for the rustic theme. It was a very relaxed yet, romantic atmosphere, with the strung lights hung above the dining tables. What I loved most about this venue was the beautiful environment surrounding the place. Once the sun went down, you could go out to a large balcony viewing the river to watch the moonlight glimmer on the water. It was just magical to see.

There were so many nice touches to this wedding. There was great attention to detail. I really liked the painted, white wooden planks which they used for the guests to writer a short note instead of a guest book. It wasn’t located at the front door which gave guests more time to write something more meaningful. I also liked that there was a lot of candy! The berry candies were my favourite and they were especially such a treat at the end of the night when you just wanted something to munch on.

The DJ was awesome. He was more like an MC and he played songs that were very appropriate for whatever was happening that moment. It was DJ 2 Scoops. The video and photography was provided by three sixty media. They were able to put together a video of the ceremony and play it at the reception which was really impressive and it was beautifully done.

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It was a great night. The guests enjoyed the evening especially with the open bar. It was definitely a night to remember.


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  1. Congratulations to Yoshi and Tomiko, wish them a happy life together! Love the rustic-themed wedding and the place looks simply amazing!

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