The 1 tip you need to keep your diaper bag organized

Have you ever been out with the baby and you forgot to bring something in the diaper bag? You may have forgotten a diaper, wipes, or extra clothes. Has the baby ever pooped up the back and you didn’t have any clothes while you were out? Perhaps, you have everything in your diaper bag, but you can never find what you’re looking for. You have to dig through the bag and everything you pull out is not the thing you were looking for. These are just some of the frustrations when our diaper bag is not organized.

I’ve had many years of diaper changing experience. Now that I have three kids, I like to have a really big diaper bag to fit everyone’s stuff. Even my 4 year old has accidents sometimes so I like to stuff her extra things in there as well. If you saw my previous post called “my favourite baby items” you’ll see my skip hop diaper bag there. Through trial and error, I have discovered this one tip that will help you keep your diaper bag organized.


What’s the tip?



I use them to keep all the items in my diaper bag organized.

  • I put all the diapers in one bag- this keeps them clean and all in one place so you’re not searching through you bag looking for them
  • I put all the extra clothes in one bag- again, this keeps them clean and easy to find
  • I put all the baby food in one bag- That way when you are reloading your diaper bag, you know exactly what needs to be replaced
  • don’t forget the baby wipes and change pad! – they don’t need a bag
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This one tip has made it easier to grab things from the diaper bag and keeps everything neat and in it’s place. You can also use the Ziplock bag for dirty/soiled clothes. Let’s say baby spat up or pooped on a bunch of clothes, you have a ziplock to put all the wet clothes so you don’t get your diaper bag dirty.

I also like to carry in my diaper bag a few extras:

  • nail cutter– so when you’re out with baby and you’re just hangin’ out somewhere, you can cut the baby’s nails
  • a couple of dark chocolates- let’s say you’re out shopping with baby and you’re blood sugar is low, pop one of these babies and you’re good to go. Or let’s say one of the kids are acting out or just need a distraction when you’re out shopping, give them a dark chocolate and they will be quiet for a few minutes.
  • lotion/moisturizer– my baby tends to have dry skin all over her body. It’s nice to bring some lotion when you’re on the go to help moisturize those dry spots.
  • hand sanitizer– sometimes when you’re out, there is no running water available, so the next best thing is hand sanitizer. Use it before and after diaper changes and before and after eating with the kids. My kids love the smell of hand sanitizer for some reason.

Try using Large Ziplock freezer bags to keep the items in your diaper bag organized. It’s helped me a lot! If you have an organizing trick, let me know about it in the comments sections!

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