My Payless summer shoe haul!


I’ve always seen posts like this on YouTube so now it’s my turn! LOL! After having a baby (well 12 months ago) I’m in desperate need of some new pretty summer shoes! When you have a baby, all you can wear basically are flats. Flats are nice. They are comfy and…that’s pretty much it, comfy. Sometimes us girls need a nice pair of heels to make us feel pretty! Plus, more than a year has gone by and during that time, the styles have changed! Time to get a fashion update!

Being a mom, we have tons of expenses. Sure, we’d love to by designer shoes/name brand shoes, but with a family of 5 you really have to watch the budget. Payless had surprisingly budget friendly styles that are trendy and super comfortable! The brand that has been fitting me lately is called Brash from Payless. I walked in the other day and I was surprised to see my size available in 4 styles that I really liked! Usually when I walk in, there’s nothing that I like or my size is not available but yesterday was my lucky day! Plus, all the shoes I bought were on sale!! Score!!!!

Here are the four pairs of shoes that I bought:













I love my new Payless shoes! They’re trendy, comfy, and very pretty! I also have 3 weddings to go to this summer so I can probably where the black heels to the weddings! If you need to update your shoe collection, check out Payless! You may be pleasantly surprised. If you sign up for their mailing list they will send you coupons for 20% off! All the savings help right? Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!

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