How To Easily Decorate A Kid’s Bedroom With These 4 Easy Steps

I’ve had my share of poor decorating choices. I’ve picked horrible paint colours. I once painted my daughter’s bedroom a muddy brown colour once and I was not happy with it at all. I was trying to go for the dark brown and light pink colour combination for a little girl’s bedroom. I ended up with a light brown and a hot pink and it wasn’t quite the look I was going for. Was I disappointed? Yes, because I was going back and forth from the paint store trying to decided on colours. You spend all this money and put in time and effort and then you’re left with a result that you are not too pleased with.

How did I get ideas for decorating? Well, I would google images and then get my inspiration that way. I would first pick the paint colour and then work from there. But doing it this way has led to decorating challenges for myself. This was how I decorated my kids bedrooms in the past. First I would choose the paint colour for the room, then the bedding, then the curtains and the accents. Doing it this way, I had a hard time getting the colours to coordinate and getting the bedding to match the paint colour was not always easy.

After making some decorating mistakes, I’ve learned a better way of decorating a kid’s bedroom.

Decorating can be very challenging and costly. Here are 4 easy steps which will make decorating your kid's bedroom a lot easier.

Here’s how to decorate a kid’s bedroom with these 4 easy steps:

1. Start by choosing the bedding

I think this is the funnest part of decorating a bedroom. I think of the bed as the room’s centre piece. It has to be the nicest thing in the room. It should catch your eye. Buying the bedding first is important. You are free to buy bedding that is within your price range. I found that when I chose the paint first, I was sometimes forced to buy expensive bedding just because it coordinated well with the paint colour. I always go to Home Sense and find cute comforter sets that already come with accent pillows.

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2. Look at the image on the comforter set package

I bought my comforter sets from Target. On the package/bag the comforter set comes in, they have an image of the comforter set and give you ideas for colour combinations and accents. This makes choosing colours a no brainer.

3. Use Pinterest for colour palette ideas

If you do not like the colour combination recommended by the picture found on the package, go on Pinterest and look at the different colour pallets. See what other colours will go well with your bedding. Pinterest will give you several different colour options.

4. Choose accents that will compliment the bedding and the wall colour

Again, use Pinterest for decorating ideas. Shopping for accents is so much fun! I love shopping for curtains, flowers, candles, and wall art. Home Sense is one of my favourite stores. Shopping for home accents can be costly and so I like to use my VISA points to get Home Sense or Winners gift cards. That’s how I got most of the wall art in my home.

I’ll admit, I’m no expert, but I’m learning through trial and error. My decorating skills have come a long way since we bought our house back in 2010.

Tip On Choosing Paint Colours

Another tip I learned was, when choosing paint colours, always go 2 shades lighter. I think I should have taken my own advice when I chose a mint green paint colour for my daugter’s room. It’s a nice colour but I think it’s a bit too bold looking. I think I prefer a shade that’s a bit more subdued.

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Thanks for reading my post and I hope this helps!

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