Why I’m blogging about my Dyson V6 Slim Vac

I never wanted to buy this product before. Why? Because it was EXPENSIVE! I can be really cheap at times. I always try to go for the cheaper alternative unless I see the value, but then my sister-in-law bought it. My co-worker bought it and my cousin also had good things to say about this thing. So, I thought I would give it a try. I used my VISA points though! I got a gift card to Best Buy and bought this vac.

Cleaning is constant when you have three little ones. Cheerios all over the floor, the crumbs, dirty dishes, dirty and dusty rugs. It’s never ending! You clean it all up one day and the next day, it starts all over again. But if there’s one thing that makes my house chores a bit easier and actually more enjoyable, I’d say it’s the Dyson V6 Slim. Yes I said it. It’s actually enjoyable and I’ll explain to you why.

Vacuuming was always a chore I never liked to do. It was one of the only chores I left for my husband. (What a lucky guy. He doesn’t have to do much cleaning. But he is in charge of the garbage and recycling which I really dislike doing). The vac we were using before the Dyson was our central vac. Don’t get me wrong. The central vac is VERY powerful. It’s very effective at getting any type of dirt or debris. The only thing is, is that it’s heavy, and there’s a lot of tubing that gets caught on furniture and other objects. You have to connect it to different sockets around the house. You have to change the vacuum head depending on what type of surface you are vacuuming on and so, you couldn’t say that it’s the easiest thing to use.

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Here’s why I love my Dyson V6 Slim:

It’s very light weight- I can carry a baby in a carrier and vacuum at the same time with this thing.


It’s surprisingly quite powerful for a cordless vacuum- According to Dyson Canada, ” the Dyson digital motor V6 creates the most powerful cordless vacuum”

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It has a clear canister where you can see all of the dust and debris that you have collected. – Seeing all the dust is actually quite satisfying. Knowing that you have collected all that dust just makes you feel good. You know your kids are in a cleaner home. Less allergens in the air.


Easy to empty canister- Just push down on the red button and the hatch opens.


It has a small head– After first, I thought this was a negative. But then I realized it’s easier to get the vacuum head in tight spaces when it’s smaller.


Stylish look– I like the sleek, modern look.


Easy to charge– All you do is plug it in.


Great for vacuuming the van– This vac comes with two attachments, one with a brush and one with a narrow nozzle to get into tight spaces. The extra attachments easily click on to the vacuum.


For easier cleaning around the house, you gotta get a Dyson cordless vac! Let me know if you have other recommendations!

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    1. Haha thanks! It’s just so convenient to use all around the house! Makes cleaning less stressful!

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