My Favourite Oversized T-shirts

I’m not going to lie. After having baby no. 3, I’m very self conscious about my belly pouch. If you’re on pinterest all the time, you’ll see post after post about exercises to tackle that stubborn belly fat. Like many moms out there, I have a bit (maybe more than a bit) of unwanted postpartum weight. I know that it does take time to lose the weight, so in the mean time, I like to cover it up with these super comfy oversized T-shirts. Now after I had baby, I googled oversized T-shirts and I couldn’t find a post that gave me tips on the best places to buy them. Now that  I have my blog, =) I can share with you where to find these!

Why do I like oversized T-shirts?

  • You don’t have to worry about your belly pouch protruding for everyone to see.
  • they are comfortable to wear everyday
  • they go will with black leggings

Here are the best places to buy oversized T-shirts:

Hollister Co.

I like shopping at Hollister online. Although we do have one located in Vancouver at Pacific Centre, I don’t always have time to get down there and so shopping online is most convenient for me. They have a wide variety of oversized, flowy, drapey T-shirts that are comfy and casual. When you are a mom you are constantly in and out of the house, picking up and dropping off kids and doing errands. At Hollister you’ll find tops that are easy to wear for everyday!


Abercrombie and Fitch

As you may know, Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister are sister companies. Again, I like shopping on their online site. What I like about shopping online at A&F is that you can search by fit. You can search for all the relaxed tops they have. What I also like is that they have great sales and usually you can find enough things that you like to get free shipping! I love their V-neck relaxed Tees.

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American Eagle Outfitters

I used to shop here more when I was in college. I just recently rediscovered this retailer and I LOVE their relaxed, drapey tops! I love them so much I bought their drapey muscle tee in almost every colour! I love wearing them with leggings or with jeggings. (I need pants that stretch, okay?!) Their tees fit great and they are super soft! They have a line called soft and sexy and you have to try them. They are super comfortable! They also have longer length tees to cover you bum when you wear leggings. They also have legging tees. I would say this one is my favourite.


Victoria Secret’s PINK

I never used to shop here, but my two sisters got me interested. My sister said, you have to try their T-shirts. They are so comfortable! I gave their tops a try. I bought a full zip hoodie, a pull over half zip sweatshirt, and an oversized long sleeve tee. My sis was right. Their clothes are very comfy and relaxed. Exactly what I like.


Try these comfy oversized T-shirts! Let me know if you know other retailers that sell great relaxed fit tops!

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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Oversized T-shirts

  1. You can definitely still look stylish and be super comfy at the same time! 👍🏼 Thank goodness for oversized and drapery tops! Also, for those unsightly bat wings lol I like to wear, elbow length tops. They seem to help too! Nice blog sis! 🙂

    1. Hey sis! Thanks so much for the comment! I love it when people leave comments on my blog! As you can see, we have the same top now! I just realized that! haha. I really liked the maroon colour!But you are right! You can be stylish and comfy all at the same time! =)

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