How to let go of your stuff

Lately, I’ve been decluttering the house like crazy and it feels soooo good! Before, I was never able to really let go of my stuff. Before I thought buying more storage was the answer. Maybe I just need to be more organized. But then I learned that clutter will always be clutter and organized clutter is still clutter. Here are the thoughts that prevented me from letting go of my stuff:

  • how could I throw this away? It’s sentimental. It reminds me of a special moment in my life
  • this was a gift given to me from a friend or family member
  • this is a picture of someone important to me. I can’t throw that away.
  • I could use this someday
  • this was too expensive how could I give this away?

And then, I had an epiphany. I realized that I was too attached to my stuff and I gave things too much importance. I think this had to do with the way I was raised. Growing up, my mom had a hard time letting go of things. Items tended to pile up in baskets or in crawl spaces when I was a child and so I guess it rubbed off on me a bit.


When you go on vacation what do you bring with you? Only the things that you really love right? You take with you your nicest outfits and you take the necessities like your toiletries. These are the things that you need and love. The rest you leave at home and you don’t ever think about them.

Here’s how you can tell if it’s time to let go of something:

  • Does it have a layer of dust on it? That means you haven’t used it in a really long time. It’s time to give it away.
  • Is it in your garage and you haven’t used it in years? Time to give it away.
  • Is it just sitting in your closet in a box and you have no intention on using it? Give it away.
  • Is it worn out and not presentable? Give it away.
  • Has that necklace just been there for years and years and you don’t ever use it? Give it away.
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After reading different posts on Marie Kondo’s “The life changing magic of tidying up”, I believe the ultimate question is, “Does it bring you joy?” If the answer is no, then it’s time to let it go. According to Marie Kondo, we should surround ourselves with everything that brings us joy. This is such an amazing thought! If we are surrounded by only positive and happy things, we will be more positive and happy. What a great feeling!


Other benefits of decluttering:

  • you can find your nicest things easier
  • there’s less mess to clean up
  • there’s more room
  • you know what you actually have
  • you discover items that are valuable
  • there’s less dust
  • if you donate it, someone else can make use of it so it’s not going to waste
  • you feel a sense of peace and relief


After having this new awareness, I’m having an easier time letting go of my stuff. It feels empowering. Now I have more room in my closets and I don’t need more storage or space after all. This is a new habit that I can incorporate into my life that will prevent my house from getting over run by too much stuff!


Check out Marie Kondo’s book “The life changing magic of tidying up” on Amazon.

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4 thoughts on “How to let go of your stuff

  1. I’ve been watching ted talks about minimalism and decluttering and dehoarding (and how powerful people wear a uniform of sorts). All signs point to this beinf the way to go. Just gotta push self to do it. It feels good. Clean house clean mind. If you haven’t worn it in a year, you wont being doing so – let it go. If buying souvenirs fr trips make sure they are at least flat. Otherwise photos can cover it haha. That’s a few I try to practice. Buy experiences not material things. 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s so true. I find when I get rid of the things I don’t really like or it’s lost it’s purpose, I make room for other things that I actually like. And yea, we should be looking for new experiences not more stuff.

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