How to drink your veggies, according to Dr. Oz

My sister-in-law has been trying to get us to drink our veggies for a long time now! I think they’ve been drinking their greens for more than 2 years! They’re like, you should do it! It’s so good for you and I said, there’s NO WAY! I don’t have time to go out and buy organic vegetables! Not only is it time consuming but expensive! How many vegetables do I have to buy? Which vegetables do I buy? And why am I doing this again? LOL! I’m not going to go out and buy one of those expensive juicing appliances! They’re expensive! The prices are around $300 and up! If I buy this appliance I may only use it a couple times and then it gets dumped somewhere in a cupboard where no one will ever see it again. These were my fears when I thought about doing greens drinks for the first time. And then, late one night, as I was doing some research online, trying to figure out a way to lose the last 10lbs, I stumbled upon Dr. Oz’s 28 day shrink your stomach challenge. I’m skeptical when it comes to these hyped up diets featured on TV, but this diet plan was simple and seemed doable. Click here to see the diet

Part of this diet involves drinking this veggie flush drink which you can drink all day long to curb your hunger, instead of reaching for chips, cookies, or bread etc. (All the yummy stuff!! Believe me, I loooove all the bad unhealthy food, especially cake and ice cream! But eating this stuff won’t help you lose the belly fat!)

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What I love about this greens drink recipe?

  • you only need lemon, spinach, cucumber, pear and celery
  • you don’t need to buy a fancy juicing machine
  • it’s quick and easy
  • won’t break the bank
  • the drink is delicious (well not as delicious as a Jugo Juice) but palatable enough to drink all day

Some results?

I’m on day 15 of the challenge and I’ve lost about 5 lbs. Hey I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but I do feel the difference! When I look in the mirror I can tell my belly is not as bloated. I feel great! How can I tell? Since I’ve been on the diet, I do a Bikram Yoga class and I don’t feel dizzy or lightheaded and I can do all the compression poses with ease! I used to feel the exact opposite before!

Here’s what you need

a basic blender

2 cups of spinach

2 celery stalks

1 cucumber

1 lemon

2 cups of water

1 pear

blender bottle (so you can mix it up once it separates)

Here’s how to make it

blend 2 cups of water and the spinach

add your celery and cucumber and blend it

add your pear (with the skin) and the juice of one lemon and blend it

and voila! You have your veggie flush drink! Simple, right?



Click on the link above to read the rest of the diet if you’re interested in the 28 day challenge!

Try it, you might like it!

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2 thoughts on “How to drink your veggies, according to Dr. Oz

  1. I love veggie drinks, especially with spinach in them! I purchased a Nutri Bullet not too long ago and it came with a recipe book for lots of different drinks and since then I’m having one each day! It’s especially refreshing in the summer and so healthy! I’ll try this one for sure, spinach with pear sounds great!

  2. Hey Katrin! Thanks for your comment! Yes it’s quite sweet and the lemon flavour is nice and refreshing!

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