Fun Summer Activities for Kids in Vancouver

What I love about being on mat leave is that I get to spend lots of time with the kids. I go on field trips, I take them to all their activities and I get to be more involved in their lives.

Recently, I went on a field trip with my eldest daughter and we went to two places that I have never been to before. I’ve lived in Vancouver all my life but I haven’t even taken time to explore my own city! I’m sure there’s lots of things I haven’t seen yet! (Please let know in the comments section if you have any recommendations! I’d love to hear them!) We went to UBC Botanical Gardens and Acadia beach.



UBC Botanical Gardens was beautiful, refreshing, and fun! Our tour guides were knowledgeable and entertaining and it was interesting to learn about the different types of trees and vegetation. We learned about different herbs, the life cycle of the forest and historical facts. I saw an artichoke growing out of the ground for this first time and I learned about the Katsura tree which smells like cotton candy in the fall when its leaves start to change colour. We also learned about the liquorice fern that is apparently 3000 times sweeter than sugar. I love these random, interesting facts!

But what I loved most about our visit was the Greenheart Canopy walkway. Greenheart is a Vancouver based company that creates these amazing bridges that allows you to explore the forest from up above the ground on this suspended bridge. Apparently, they build these bridges all over the world like in the Amazon! That’s pretty cool! I was so excited to walk this bridge. I think I was more scared than the kids! I guess I’m a little scared of  heights. It’s pretty shaky so you have to have both hands free to grab hold of the hand rails. If you haven’t done this you should do it this summer with the kids! It’s a great experience!

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This is no soft sand beach! Make sure to wear good foot protection because you’ll find a lot of large rocks scattered here. This was a fun experience with the class. We lifted up rocks and searched for crabs. I have never done this before! The crabs were so tiny and cute. I held one in  my hand for the first time and it was so ticklish! One of my daughter’s classmates collected so many crabs! (we set them free after) I was so impressed of how fearless he was! The water was very shallow so you could walk farther out to the water and the water would still be below your knees. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids this summer, try exploring Acadia Beach!









Summer break is almost here for the kids! If you know of any fun Vancouver summer activities, post them in the comments section!

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