Guest Post by Amber Cross: Declutter bathroom beauty products

Hey everyone! Please check out a guest post from writer and business owner Amber Cross! She has some great tips on how to keep you bathroom clean and organized!

Is your bathroom a mess? Are you in the habit of always buying new products before you have run out of the old ones and now you have a cluttered bathroom with all of them –  the ones you use, the ones you do not use, and the ones you have forgotten about. Well, don’t you think it is time to do something about it? Especially if your bathroom counter is so cluttered that you hardly find the things you actually need and use, and have difficulties getting ready in the morning. Then it is definitely time to de-clutter your bathroom.

The first thing to organising your bathroom is to get rid of all the things you do not need and use. Take a look at your make up. If you have three mascaras and four eye liners, decide which ones are your favourite ones and throw the rest away. Plus if some of them have been in your bathroom for years, then they are most likely expired. Go through every piece of make up and separate the expired ones and the ones you do not use from those that you do. Now throw them away. Or if there are things that are still not expired but you do not really want to throw away because you might use them some they, get a box and put everything there.

If you have several bottles of shampoos, shower gels, lotions, etc that are almost empty but you keep any way, now is the time to throw them away, too. If you want to you could mix them in one bottle and still use them. Mix all the remaining shampoos in one bottle, the shower gels in another, etc, and throw the empty bottles away.

Nail polishes that you have been buying over the years and used once or twice – throw them away. Take a look at the other ones because they tend to look okay when they are actually no longer good.

Take a look at your medicine cabinet, or whatever it is you use it for. Check for expired products and throw them away.

If you have products that you know you will never use but keep them in your bathroom and they just take up space and add to the clutter. For example gifts that you did not like, or you have a collection of hotel shampoos and lotions and are never going to use them. If you do not want to waste them and throw them away, give them to a friend.

When you limit their number, wipe down the counter. Rearrange your left products, and your bathroom will look perfect. If you still have too many bottles of everything, for everyone in the family, get a bucket or two and put the bottles in them and place them near the shower. This will not only help with the de-cluttering of your bathroom, but it will also make it easier to clean. Cleaning and organising should go hand in hand.

The article is contributed by Amber from SuperEndOfTenancyCleaning Chiswick.


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