How to Survive a Costco Run

As much as I love the products at Costco, it can be sooo frustrating to shop there! Actually, I DREAD going there! I try to avoid going there as much as possible. Not only is the crazy, busy-ness of the place annoying, but when you get to the till and see the bill, you’re like, OMG, there’s another $350 spent. That’s my usual bill and I’m sure most of you can relate. Not only that, but when people are annoyed by the crowds, they get impatient and angry and people start to be rude and yell at each other! It’s not the happiest place on earth! I try to get in and out of there as fast as possible! It can also be a dangerous place! I heard one person got hit in the parking lot! Ok, enough of the negative talk! LOL! (There are many reasons why Costco is awesome.)Let’s look at the ways we can survive a Costco run in one piece, shall we?

Make Sure you have your Costco card and your precious list!

This is very important! Imagine spending half an hour parking only to find you can’t buy anything because you forgot your Costco card! That would be a disaster. Also the list is super important. Make sure you stick to the list as much as possible that way you don’t go home and say, “Damn, we forgot to buy toilet paper!”


Always use a shopping cart!

I tried holding everything with my two hands once and it was just hard. Bring a cart to make it easier for yourself. It’s a big store.

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Take advantage of the deals!

Pay attention to the deals and stock up on the items that don’t expire. One time I saw the laundry detergent for 10 bucks. The Jumbo Cheerios were on sale for 4.99 My baby loves cheerios!


Best time to shop at Costco? Right before closing

I like to get there an hour before closing. That way it’s less busy and less overwhelming and you can actually find a parking spot without losing you’re mind. But please not everyone shop at this time. This is not always the case but usually it is.


Start shopping at the front of the store, walk through every aisle and work your way to the back

I used to just follow my list and go directly to the product. This was more inefficient and I ended up wasting more time walking back and forth from the same aisles. This way you don’t miss anything.


Buy Kirkland brand whenever you can!

The Kirkland brand is usually the best value. I buy Kirkland toilet paper, diapers, baby wipes, and facial tissue. The quality is great.


Avoid the centre aisle!

I try my best to avoid the centre aisle. This is how your bill gets racked up to greater that $400. Stay clear of the cute baby clothes even though it’s a great deal!!!! Resist temptation, you can do it! Do you really need another bunch of PUMA socks? Do you really need another TUFF hoodie! hahaha…


Never go to Costco hungry!

What happens when you are hungry? You want to buy everything and everything looks delicious especially the junk food. When you’re hungry, you’re hangry! Just don’t do it! Make sure you fill you’re tummy before you go or stop by their cafeteria first!

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Take advantage of the samples

If you didn’t eat, take a food sample from one of the attendants. That way your blood sugar doesn’t drop and you’ll be a happy camper. Just make sure you wait in line and don’t budge. LOL. Otherwise, people get grumpy.


Leave the kids with a sitter

That way you can get in and out of the store as quickly as possible. Unless you want the kids to pick out their own snacks. Otherwise, they’ll be happier at home.


Bring a large vehicle if possible

Have you ever tried doing a big Costco run with a small car? You end up with food by your feet, head and on your lap. LOL. But if it’s just a small amount then small car is fine.


Take extra caution when walking in the parking lot

The parking lot can get very busy. Make sure the driver sees you.


Go with a friend

When you’re with a buddy, things just go smoother and you’re more relaxed.


Ok, those were my Costco survival tips! Do you have any tips that you recommend? Leave them in the comments section!


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  1. I’ve never been to Costco, but it sounds like a crazy busy place. If I ever get the chance to shop there, I’ll remember these survival tips for shopping there.

    1. Thanks for your comment! It is a busy place! It’s great if you want to buy in bulk!

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