6 of my favorite baby items!

So you have baby no. 1. You and your spouse are thrilled and of course you only want the best for your baby, so you go out and you get the most expensive stroller and most expensive car seat the market has to offer. Then you have baby no. 2 and you realize, dang, we need another car seat, so you grab a Safety First car seat and perhaps a double stroller so that you can push around both baby no. 1 and no. 2. Then baby no. 3 comes along and you’re like, crap!!! Car seats expire!!! So you have to get all new car seats for all three babies! (We have every single kind of car seat in our van. We have the booster with back rest, we have the forward facing convertible 3 in 1 and we have a rear facing infant car seat.) And you perhaps grab another stroller because baby no. 1 and no. 2 made the first stroller all dirty and worn out. Lol! This was us.

What I’m trying to get at is after we had baby no. 3 we had to get a lot of new things firstly because things expired, secondly because things got old and worn out and thirdly because it’s just nice to have new stuff! I buy a mixture of cheap things and more expensive things. Sometimes you just can’t settle for something similar. When I try buying the inexpensive one, I end up wasting money because I go out and buy the one I originally wanted anyways. But I also believe that you don’t always need to spend a ton of cash to get things that work well.

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Here is my list of 6 of my favorite baby items that I use daily! All of them I purchased online on Walmart or Amazon.

  1. My Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag
    1. it’s trendy
    2. spacious- enough to hold baby food, extra clothes, carrier and nursing cover
    3. you can carry it over the shoulder or cross body
    4. can easily be hung on a stroller with the easy to use clips
    5. lots of pockets on the front and the bottle holders on the side
    6. fits on a double stroller or a regular stroller
  2. My Bumbo Combo Floor Seat and Play TrayIMG_4917Why I love it?
    1. Baby loves it!
    2. Baby can stay there for a good 20 minutes so you can get stuff done
    3. Baby stays put!
    4. Can be used till after baby turns one
  3. Fisher Price Comfort Curve BouncerIMG_4938Why I love it?
    1. Good price point- Under $50
    2. Baby is super comfortable in it and takes long naps
    3. You can easily bounce the baby in it with your foot so you can watch baby and eat at the same time!
    4. Baby actually likes the toys!
  4. Evenflo Natural Fit CarrierIMG_4944Why I love it?
    1. Baby is comfy in it
    2. Baby feels secure
    3. I can carry baby in it for hours!
    4. Very good price point at less than $40!
    5. Easy to wash! Just put in washing machine
    6. Easy to stuff in a diaper bag
    7. Easy to put on by yourself!
    8. Easy to adjust the straps!
  5. Urbini Omni Travel SystemIMG_4932Why I love it?
    1. Light weight
    2. Easy to push with one hand
    3. Nice trendy look and I love the bright colour
    4. Easy to fold
    5. My baby grew out of the car seat quickly but the stroller works great. Make sure to oil the wheels!
    6. I easily added a cup holder/ pouch to the handle bar
  6. Evenflo Triumph Convertible Car SeatIMG_4943Why I love it?
    1. Baby is comfy in it
    2. Nice head support
    3. Straps are thick and don’t bunch up
    4. Easy to recline
    5. Nice price point at less than $150
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If there’s a product that you think we should know about, post it in the comments section! Hope this helps!

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2 thoughts on “6 of my favorite baby items!

  1. Emily these are all very impressive products. I went through 4 babies but I never saw a travel system before. I guess things are much more high tech nowadays. My babies are all grown now. These products can certainly make your life much easier. Thanks for joining us over at Sweet Inspiration.

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks for your comment! Yea the baby products are so advanced now! They’ve changed so much since I had my first baby 6 years ago!

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